Children's 10 Disc DVD Bumper Collection - Was £50 Now Only £18.99 (+£3.95 Del or pick up instore) - @

Children's 10 Disc DVD Bumper Collection - Was £50 Now Only £18.99 (+£3.95 Del or pick up instore) - @

Found 28th Nov 2009
GREAT bargain for xmas:) - Use voucher code OOTD5SAVING for this price . Most of these are £3 / £4 each separately !!

Add to your DVD collection with these 10 children's DVDs featuring well known pre-school and infants characters.

The Children's DVD Bumper Collection 10 Disc Set includes 75 programmes with a total of 14 hours running time. There are 5 compilation DVDs and 5 DVDs dedicated to an individual children's show.

Pre-school characters with dedicated DVD titles include:

Little Learners Postman Pat ABC & 123 DVD featuring counting 1 to 10 and learning the alphabet
Little Learners Paddington Bear Alphabet Treasure Hunt DVD that helps children learn the alphabet
Sylvanian Families featuring 4 stories
2 Spot DVDs (Spot Goes to the Farm and Where's Spot?) each with several stories and interactive games to play

Each children's compilation DVD features 9 shows or more, the characters featured are: your little girls favourite Angelina Ballerina, 'I Love You' Barney, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam. Every little animal lover will enjoy the Kipper stories, Oswald the octopus, Percy the Park Keeper and the well known penguin Pingu. Pre-schoolers will also have great fun watching Rubbadubbers, Sheeep, Sooty, The Wiggles, Thomas & Friends, plus Yoko Jakamoko Toto!

Perfect for little boys and girls, the Children's DVD Bumper Collection is a great addition to your DVD shelf, perfect for kids party bags and stocking fillers.

Suitable for ages 18 months to 6 years.

Little Learners Postman Pat ABC & 123 DVD
Little Learners Paddington Bear Alphabet Treasure Hunt DVD
Sylvanian Families DVD
Sylvanian Families - The Lucky Mascot
Sylvanian Families - The Camping Holiday
Sylvanian Families - Fun at the Fair
Sylvanian Families - Lucky Clover

Where's Spot? DVD
Where's Spot?
Spot Plays Hide and Seek
Spot's First Picnic
Spot's Treehouse
Spot Goes to the Playground
Spot in the Garden
Spot's First Walk
Spot's Bath
Spot's Favourite Toy
Plus 4 fun interactive games specially developed for pre-school children

Spot Goes to the Farm DVD
Spot Goes to the Farm
Spot's Horse
Spot's Breakfast
Spot in the Woods
Spot Goes to the Circus
Spot's Umbrella
Spot Goes Splash!
Spot Stays Overnight
Spot Goes to the Fair
Spot Goes to the Park
Spot Helps Grandma
Plus 2 interactive Games: Who Likes the Rain and Guess the Animal

Magical Children's Favourites DVD
Kipper - The Magic Lamp
Rubbadubbers - Tubb The Magician
The Wiggles - Imagination
Angelina Ballerina - William The Conjurer
Pingu - Pingu The Apprentice Magician
Barney - Stick with Imagination
Bob the Builder - Wendy's Magic Birthday
Fireman Sam - Wishing Well
Sooty - Sooty's Magic Garden

Funtastic Children's Favourites DVD
Fireman Sam - Mummies Little Pumpkin
Thomas & Friends - Thomas and the Tuba
Angelina Ballerina - Angelina in the Wings
Pingu - Pingu Finishes the Job
Barney - Up Down & Around
Kipper - The River Trip
Rubbadubbers - Terence the Spy
The Wiggles - Dressing Up
Bob the Builder - Mr Beasley's Noisy Pipes

Ultimate Children's Favourites DVD
The Wiggles - Dancing
Thomas & Friends - Thomas to the Rescue
Angelina Ballerina - Angelina's Surprise
Bob the Builder - Molly's Fashion Show
Rubbadubbers - Finbar's Important Part
Pingu - Pingu's Admirer
Fireman Sam - Safe with Sam
Kipper - The Purple Park Monster
Barney - A New Friend

Brightest Children's Favourites DVD
Barney - A Perfectly Purple Day
Pingu - A Barrel of Fun
Kipper - Kipper The Hero
Oswald - A Sticky Situation
Yoko Jakamoko Toto - The Dance
Bob the Builder - Lofty's Jungle Fun
Fireman Sam - Steele Under Par
Rubbadubbers - Spaceman Reg
Angelina Ballerina - Angelina's Baby Sister
Percy the Park Keeper - Treasure Island
The Wiggles - Food

Superstar Children's Favourites DVD
Rubbadubbers - Sheriff Terence
Kipper - The Farm
Fireman Sam - Dilys' Forgetful Day
Yoko Jakamoko Toto - The Whale
Barney - Numbers, Numbers
Oswald - I guess You Never Know
Pingu - Pingu Is Left Out
Angelina Ballerina - The Cheeseball Cup Final
Bob the Builder - Hamish's New Home
Sheeep - The Talent Contest
Percy the Park Keeper - The Lost Acorn

Age: 18 months +
Product #: 402651
10 discs
14 hours total running time
75 programmes
18 characters
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