Childrens Pyjamas from 95p , Swim bags 95p , Play Apron 50p + £2.95 P&P @ Character UK Amazon
Childrens Pyjamas from 95p , Swim bags 95p , Play Apron 50p + £2.95 P&P @ Character UK Amazon

Childrens Pyjamas from 95p , Swim bags 95p , Play Apron 50p + £2.95 P&P @ Character UK Amazon

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Character UK have an amazing sale at the moment , you can have a look when the website is back up again ; character.com/cle…tml

But they have plenty of bargains on their Amazon shop which I will list below , items from 50p onwards , plus ONE P&P nomatter how many items you order

I got some branded 'shortie' PJ's for just £1.95 each and they are good for keeping kids comfortable in this warm wether rather than long sleeved long leg PJ's

They are very good , have ordered from them before , very good quality and excellent customer service! :-)


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If any of the items come up as more expensive from another seller just look in the box on the right hand side and find CHARACTER UK for these prices! ;

Boys Ben 10 play apron 50p : amazon.co.uk/Tra…06M

Peppa Pig swim bag 95p ;

Mike the Knight swimbag 95p ; amazon.co.uk/Tra…06M

Iggle Piggle PJ's ***JUST 95P*** only in size 12 - 18 months & 18 - 24 months ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…06M

There are LOADS of £1.95 pyjamas but you have to have a really good look round for them , here are a few though ;

Disney Minnie Mouse Wincey PJ's £1.95 in size 18-24 months only ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

Ben 10 shortie PJ's £1.95 ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

Superman shortie PJ's £1.95 ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

Minne Mouse girls shortie PJ's £1.95 ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

Spiderman boys lounge pants £1.95 ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

Ben 10 PJ's £1.95 ; amazon.co.uk/gp/…06M

There are loads more bargains and girls PJ sets from just £1.95 but you have to have a good look round!

Feel free to post links of other bargains x

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This list should help with the trawling! (_;) ; amazon.co.uk/s/r…ank


This list should help with the trawling! (_;) ; … This list should help with the trawling! (_;) ; http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_st_undefined?qid=1405892680&rh=n%3A83450031%2Cp_4%3ACharacter+UK&sort=price-asc-rank

Thanks a lot! Got sick of searching

Thanks! Have some heat.

Fantastic deal - 4 pairs of pjs, a long sleeved top and a swimming bag for less than £14. Thanks to the OP!

9 pairs of pj's between my 2 kids and 2 different swim bags...£17! Thanks x

have heat!
bought 5 pjs and 1 pair swimming trunks awesome!


have heat! bought 5 pjs and 1 pair swimming trunks awesome!

Me too, and I don't have any kids!

I'm sure they'll come in useful...

Great find some Xmas gifts sorted lol heat added

I dont understand! I dont see i can combine posstage need to pay for each one????

Any one can help?

I'm having exactly the same issue. I am being charged for each item making P&P treble what the cost of my items purchased are? Any help? It seems this isn't happening to others. Thanks

I'm having dawn issue as seems I'm being charged for each individual item so P&P is treble the cost of my basket? Any help please? Thanks

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Hmmmmm not sure what's going on...... I MAY have accidently listed an item from ANOTHER seller , or you may have items in your basket from different sellers = IF everything in your basket is from CHARACTER UK you SHOULD have just one P&P charge showing at checkout

Mine was £3.95 as I had a fair few items in there , the postage only goes up from £2.95 to £3.95 if you have a good few items and I suppose it must go up even more if you have tons of stuff in your basket! lol

But it is just ONE charge for P&P showing at checkout and you should see all items grouped together from the same seller ie Character UK xx

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I think you could possibly have the right item in your basket , but from wrong seller???

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GOOD NEWS - The site is back up!!! ..... So there is even more choice now , so if you are having trouble on Amazon give their website a go ; character.com/cle…ice

( The postage is cheaper on Amazon though UNLESS you are ordering over £25 worth , in that case it's FREE! ) x

A few more bargains on their website ; character.com/cle…ice

I love the Mr Tumble wheeled case!

Went straight onto the website as suggested in the last post, spent £30, got free delivery and loads of pjs & school bags for my boys, excellent deal!

Just wondering how everyone is getting one postage price, I've got to check out and being charged p&p on all

thank you very much . I ordered 7 pair pyjamas and swim bag, all 15 pounds with P&P . mega deal.

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They have a backpack blowout on at the moment with backpacks and swimbags eg Thomas from 95p! ; character.com/cle…ice
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