Children's table and chair set £9.99 @ Ryman

Children's table and chair set £9.99 @ Ryman

Found 17th Jul 2010
Originally £24.99 currently on sale for £19.99 at Ryman. Use the voucher code AFFRYMAN for £10 off (or AFFVC550 for £5 off if the other one doesn't work), and that just comes down to £9.99!

They give free delivery for orders over £35 and there's even a free Mr. Burnbury brownies for every order.

I bought this for my 3 year old son and it's so definitely good value for money. It's made of wood, it looks great, very colourful and perfect for my son as he'll start going to pre-school soon.

Website description

Children will love this colourful table and chair set with crayon style legs.

This set comes complete with 1 table and 2 chairs and is very easy to assemble.

The set is extremely sturdy as it is made out of wood.

Suitable for children aged 3 and over, this fun furniture set would make a great gift and is ideal for home, playroom, school, or nursery use.

Table dimensions H410xW595xD390mm

Chair dimensions H510xW280xD280mm
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Is it good quality??
its £14.74 with delivery. boohoo
Reasonabl(ish) quality, certainly very good at that price.

My little boy has this set and the pain has blistered a little on the table after a lot of use and probably a lot of water sprayed on it. One of the chair legs did snap (he was very forceful with it) but they readily swapped it for me.
Brilliant price. I have been looking for a table and chairs for my little ones play room but did not want to spend in the region of 60 quid which is what i was seeing. Thanks. The 10 pound code worked for me too.
I bought this instore about 2 years ago and would probably say it's worth a go at £9.99 but wasn't great value at full price which is what I payed. In my experience, the legs on the chairs come loose very easily and in my case became unsecured when instead of screwing back on, a couple of them started to spin on the screw as it goes strait into the wood, despite trying to fix this with a bit of wood glue, I soon gave in and had to replace the set.
These are ok only if kids use them for the intended purpose, ie, to sit on the chairs and work/lean on the table. If you trust your kids not to climb on these and/or jump on & off them, then they are a reasonable enough product and cheap at £9.99. Also, bear in mind these are for younger children, age 3-6; misuse/abuse at the hands of older/bigger/heavier chidren and the furniture won't last.

We used to sell these in my shop, and while they never sold in huge volumes, I'd estimate that the majority of what we did sell were returned soon after in broken bits.
Think i'll pass on it then, i've got a rather boisterous 2 year old
Taken a punt on this at £14.74, we are accepting the fact its not going to last for long, but we have been waiting for a deal to come up on a decent one for ages, and this will do in the mean time.


its £14.74 with delivery. boohoo

As I said, you can get free delivery if your order is over £35. I paid £14.74 myself and I'm more than happy with the price because the other options cost around £75 from Argos and ELC.
would give it a go , thanks
Code not working for me :-(
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over at ]Playpennies!
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