Child's Belling fold away kitchen 29.99 @ toyshop

Child's Belling fold away kitchen 29.99 @ toyshop



To be fair, the OPs deal includes a Toaster and Kettle. But yours has free pick up from selected stores so.... pays ya money, takes ya choice I think with this one.

a friend of ours bought this and she said it was a total waste of money as poorly made and broke easily

my son got this for christmas last year and loves it. The toaster did break - they still play with it but the toast no longer pops up!! but other than that it has survided a years rought play really well. Does feel a bit flimsy, especially the internal oven rack which is a bit bowed now, but I think that has stopped it breaking as it has slightly flexed when they put lots of weight on it rather than cracking like a hard plastic could.

Although it is foldaway I have never done that because I dont think its a 2 min job.

Do not think it was ever worth £59.99, think my friend payed £30 or less for it last december.
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