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Chillblast Fusion GTX 1060 Custom Gaming PC £1029 -
Found 19th Jun 2017Found 19th Jun 2017
Chillblast Fusion GTX 1060 Custom Gaming PC £1029 -
Processor: Intel Core i5-7400 Memory: 16GB DDR4 2133MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Storage: 250GB SSD / 2TB HDD Operating System: Windows 10 Home im buying first g… Read more
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my budget for my first build was 1300, and i made a beast, overclocked to 5GHz no problem, build your own, so much better.


ok great


Email? Are we in 1998?! haha. Sure I'll email you. I'd rather you ask questions, so I can help properly as I don't want you to get the wrong things etc. Don't rush into this though, as much as you may want to play games, it's better to make sure you know you're making the right decisions for you. The most important thing right now is making sure you do get a Ryzen 1600, though. As there is no better CPU for the price/performance. I'll drop you an email now just so you can contact me if you need!


If you get the parts over a few weeks rather than all at once, you can likely get them cheaper as I mentioned before. 1070's often drop in price to 350 or around there give or take. etc. It also gives you more time to do your own research, and decide if you really want XX part. Check these youtube channels out: Tech Deals Gamers Nexus Bitwit Hardware Unboxed You can learn a lot from what kind of performance you'd be getting with what hardware, etc.


richie make no mistake i want the 1070 but the price is a killer for me £389 amazon what i will do is get everything seperately . i am getting 1070 if i can get it for £330 or less im getting it i want a pc for monster hunter world i think i will need the 1070 for it.

Chillblast Fusion Adamantium Gaming PC with GTX 1080 £1349.99
Found 19th Jun 2016Found 19th Jun 2016
Chillblast Fusion Adamantium Gaming PC with GTX 1080 £1349.99
I know this is not cheap but Chillblast have a good rep and for a GTX 1080 system this seems pretty reasonable.

Anyone recommend a similar site with a good reputation for total PC customisation?


Any other feedback on Chillblast? I was considering buying this same model from their website until i noticed this thread, the model with an i7 and slightly larger 256 SSD drive is £200 more almost a year later, their customisation prices i agree are very dear but i guess you are paying for labour also.... but the wait time is a little off putting too, you have to pay more than £100 to get it a few days quicker, on the other hand they do seem to win a few awards so maybe the build quality is not too bad but the one thing that stands out is the cheap power supply on this you have to add another £50 pound straight away to change it.


Because a deal is about value for money, not the actual cost. A 4 Bedroom detached house for 50k is a deal but its not cheap...


'I know this is not cheap' Then why put it on a deal website :D


To build or not to build PC advice: Fusion commando £829.99 (inc PnP) or build yourself?
Found 5th Mar 2016Found 5th Mar 2016
To build or not to build PC advice: Fusion commando £829.99 (inc PnP) or build yourself?
My deal isn't for only one PC, but two specific ones. I'm hoping to bridge the gap between The Great HUKD divide: To build or not to build! (I suspect the heat in here will fluctua… Read more

Building is the easy part, diagnosing a problem if something arrives DOA can be a big problem for a novice and frankly someone experienced too.




Putting a PC together is as simple as Lego, even then years ago the only risky part was not bending CPU pins which isn't an issue now. Building yourself will always offer better value, the main reason being that often you'll build your PC around the offers on components at the time... Yes that gaming PC mentioned can be built for the same price - so fact it offers Windows means its better value... But going to choose those kind of parts? An Aerocool PSU for example.... Don't get me wrong - fantastic for joe bloggs but anyone intending on getting into PC gaming really needs to look more careful at the components they use.


fair words and how i feel too. I have bought pre built and I have gone on to build my own many times.... Even now i look at prebuilts but only really as a comparison... the truth is if you splash out a few quid in the first place then think like your cpu will outlast your gpu in terms of year on year benefits towards games... even ram stagnates unless there has been recent development such as ddr4. So, to any prospective gaming buyer with no building skills... buy a prebuilt to the most you cann afford... then when you can no longer play your games learn to upgrade basic things like HDD's and GPU's even coolers. they are quick installs and the benefits reap...


I've seen plenty of items posted on HUKD which are full price, but they are recommendations that the product is the best for the money even at the price it's being sold at. I wanted to recommend 2 pre-built PC's as well as advice for custom builds. Having said that I didn't know about the misc section!! Fair comment.

Chiliblast Renegade Core i7 1TB SSHD 16GB RAM TWO GTX980 SLI 17-inch FHD £2336 @ Chiliblast
Found 29th Sep 2015Found 29th Sep 2015
Chiliblast Renegade Core i7 1TB SSHD 16GB RAM TWO GTX980 SLI 17-inch FHD £2336 @ Chiliblast
Am on the market for one of these. Whoever can get it cheaper deserves a bear Are you looking for a laptop that delivers faster gaming performance than most top-of-the-range gamin… Read more
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Gm204 not available until November by most manufacturers :(


very nicely said


No idea.. you can ask at linustechtips (they have a forum) they are pretty active the guys over there so I'd expect you'd get an answer...


​only on low settings. And don't even think to use formulas on excel!


will this play Microsoft office?

Chillblast "SKYLAKE" Gaming PC - with brand new Intel Skylake processor £779
Found 19th Aug 2015Found 19th Aug 2015
Chillblast "SKYLAKE" Gaming PC - with brand new Intel Skylake processor £779
Chillblast appear to have won manyawards. As they offer an amazing warranty and amazing sales service (I called them this morning), really tempted to buy the above desktop gaming … Read more

Think this is the same system that's being given away -


What do people think will make a good mid priced graphics card?? Is the 960 not good enough? The 970's seems to go for £100 more. GTX980i seems OTT. Is Asus still struggling to keep up?? I was thinking of a build of: Skylake i5 6600k - (Not sure when the other chips will be released.) Seems to be a shortage of them. £200 Power Supply - Corsair RM750i - £100 2x8gb DDR4 Corsair Vengeance ram at 2400ghz. £100 Corsair H60 water cooler. £60 (Too much?? Would a standard fan be ample) Case - Corsair 450D £95 ASUS Z170K - £105 Need to decide on graphics card! I would recycle my 250GB Evo 840 SSD drive. Recycle standard 250gb hard drive. With a graphics card I would look to reach about £800. I plan to upgrade my current windows 7 to windows 10 and do a clean install afterwards from a cd. Not sure on the graphics. I figure a Skylake rig will be more future proof. Core 2 duo machine is still working nicely for basics. I do wonder if the water cooler is OTT. Also the gold rated power supply may not be needed. Also if I really need a unlocked i5 Skylake chip. Unfortunately they don't seem to have released any other chips. I currently have a core 2 duo 2.4ghz with 4gb ram and a nice SSD drive but very poor budget graphics card. .


Don't forget the £500 for a monitor that will actually make it sweat


If adding a 980ti your going to need to budget another £400-500 for a 1440/144 monitor


gaming pc with the least effort put into the graphics card. u would rather downgrade everything else and upgrade the graphics

Chillblast Fusion Firebird Gaming PC
Found 29th Mar 2013Found 29th Mar 2013
Chillblast Fusion Firebird Gaming PC
"Say for a moment that you quite fancy a complete gaming PC system with nothing less than the fastest gaming results available, but you also want to pay less than £1200. In that ca… Read more

You say that as if playing games is the only thing you can do on this PC.


I don't understand how some people can be sooo wrong. but of you're right please send a link.


I think his joke is that on most Mac deals people state you can get an equivalent PC for half the price


Stick another zero on the end and you might be right!


Mac! Give me a snow plough and a side order of chicken and chips.