Chinese Meal Deal for 2 £8 @ Morrisons

Chinese Meal Deal for 2 £8 @ Morrisons

Found 21st Mar 2011
Chinese Meal Deal for 2 £8
Choose 1 starters + 2 rice + 2 mains & 2 drinks
You can also buy item separately for the prices stated.
I expect there will be more selection than this!

Starters £1;
Morrisons Chicken Spring Rolls 4pk
Morrisons Vegetable Spring Rolls 4pk
Morrisons Duck Spring Rolls 4pk

Rice 50p;
Morrisons Egg Fried Rice 300g

Main Meals £2;
Morrisons Sweet and Sour Chicken 400g
Morrisons Chicken in a Blackbean Sauce 350g
Morrisons Chinese Chicken Curry 400g

Drinks £1;
Sun Lik Chinese Beer


What are the main meals like? I've always found the ASDA ones to be quite a lot of sauce and not much meat (in their bag meals). We ate a chinese banquet for two and were still hungry

We had one from sainsburys which was quite good £10 for 4 main meals and 2 side dishes. All the food was fairly good (its never going to be take away standard from any shop) but it was good by supermarket standards. I agree theres not a lot to asdas meals but the sainsbury one had some nice stuff in it. Prawn toast was awful though.

Hmmmm, meal for 2 with only 1 starter.... Wonder who thought of that?


Hmmmm, meal for 2 with only 1 starter.... Wonder who thought of that?

The starters are packs of 4 or 6 spring rolls - sharing is caring!

I'm a man! I don't do sharing with food;-)

To be honest, round where I live I can get two takeaways and a bag of crackers for about £10. However it does seem you can pick and choose? I don't massively need two bottles of beer.

So two mains, two rices and a starter would be £6


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