Chinese/Indian meal deal, 4 mains, 2 sides £10 @ Sainsburys

Chinese/Indian meal deal, 4 mains, 2 sides £10 @ Sainsburys

Found 2nd May 2013
Sainsburys have 4 mains and 2 sides for £10 on Indian and Chinese meals. Personally, I know not all will agree, but I really like these and think they are great value for money.
Sainsbury's Beef In Black Bean & Rice 450g
Sainsbury's Chicken Balti & Pilau Rice (medium & aromatic) 500g
Sainsbury's Chicken Chow Mein 450g
Sainsbury's Chicken Jalfrezi & Pilau Rice (spicy & vibrant) 500g
Sainsbury's Chicken Korma & Basmati Rice (mild & creamy) 550g
Sainsbury's Chicken Masala & Rice 550g
Sainsbury's Chicken Phal & Rice 500g
Sainsbury's Chicken Tikka Biryani 500g
Sainsbury's Chicken Tikka With Rice 500g
Sainsbury's Chilli & Coconut Prawn Curry & Rice 450g
Sainsbury's Chinese Chicken Curry & Rice 450g
Sainsbury's Coconut Chicken Curry & Noodles 450g
Sainsbury's Crispy Sweet & Sour Chicken With Rice 400g
Sainsbury's Duck In Plum Sauce With Egg Fried Rice 450g
Sainsbury's King Prawn Makhani & Rice (mild & creamy) 500g
Sainsbury's Lamb Rogan Josh & Pilau Rice (warm & aromatic) 500g
Sainsbury's Mini Spare Ribs 320g
Sainsbury's Shanghai Beef 450g
Sainsbury's Shredded Peking Duck 240g
Sainsbury's Singapore Noodles 450g
Sainsbury's Sweet & Sour Chicken With Rice 450g
Sainsbury's Thai Green Curry & Rice 450g
Sainsbury's Thai Red Curry & Rice 450g
Sainsbury's Vegetable Biryani (warm & fragrant) 500g
Sides; Loads, sorry fed up copying them here lol.
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This isn't a bad deal at all. Great if your having mates round for a night in.
Hot from me, will pop down on Saturday or Sunday to see if they have got any in!
Really, really nice deal!
Good deal !
good deal but don't go for the prawn makhani I had it last week,about 4 prawns was just sauce.
Had one of their chicken curries from the chiller cabinet recently and the chicken was rank. The "fresh" stuff I've had from the deli counter is quite good and I thikn there's a regular deal for 2 starters, mains, rice, naans for £8.
Only supermarket Indian/Chinese food I've found any good is the Chef endorsed gear Morrisons sell.
Shame there is only one veggie main
Having said that its very nice and filling. Strangely it smells stronger then it is if anything it could do with more heat.
Or £5 for 2 mains 1 side , bought on own would be around £9
Good for meat eaters... crap for vegetarians
The spare ribs are pretty good and even better that they are classed as a MAIN.

Wasn't that impressed with anything else the last time I ordered a bunch of these tbh. Plus they haven't included the Crispy Beef or Crispy King Prawn which is edible.:(

Ah well Asda here I come ...
we had this last. me and oh had the chinese and daughter had the indian. great to keep everyone pleased. very filling and no complaints off any of us so deffo a good deal!
The chicken Phal and bombay pots are brill. Just make sure u put the loo roll in the fridge the knight b4.
These are quite nice meals,obviously not as good as the real thing but still very nice ,Heat !
Great fancy a bit of horse.
I get this for two of us but it an be a struggle to eat it all
If you're lucky, you can get a voucher for 230 nectar points when you spend £8 on ready meals. I got one today from the self check out tills .. effectively another £1.15 off !

me and oh had the chinese and daughter had the indian.

Enough about your private lives! lol
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