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Posted 10th Mar 2017Posted 10th Mar 2017
GRAND KINGDOM COLLECTORS EDITION PS4 - £44.99 @ Chipsworld£44.99
this is the cheapest i can find at the moment. Description As the leader of a mercenary squad, players will assemble a team to lead across a battle-scarred continent to complete c… Read more

If you are looking to buy guys, check this out :)


The limited editions art book is amazing


I bought the launch edition from Boomerang for £25. It's the cheapest I could find as it's holding at £30+ everywhere.


I think there's an error here mate. This is the launch edition not the limited edition. Just giving you a heads up. :)

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) - Pre-Owned, £8.99 Delivered @
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Posted 31st Oct 2015Posted 31st Oct 2015
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) - Pre-Owned, £8.99 Delivered @£8.99
I've not come across this game at such a low price, delivered, before now. The game gets decent reviews so hopefully they will have sufficient stock to supply anyone on here looki… Read more
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£11.95 new at The game collection though if anyone was interested


I thought it best to be clear, just in case anyone got that impression. (_;)


Comment wasn't implied towards you. :)


I can confirm that it was listed on their site earlier, and that I bought a copy (I have the order confirmation via email). It was still coming up on their search after I completed the purchase, though it would appear that they have removed the game listing; perhaps due to being out of stock (a very odd characteristic IMO). I am in no way affiliated with Chipsworld and posted in the deal in the spirit of the HUKD community. There are no scamming or marketing tactics from my perspective. I'll confirm when I receive the game. Did anyone else manage to order a copy?


Same here, can't see it!

Murder One: Complete Series 1 & 2: 11DVD: Box Set £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Chipsworld
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Posted 29th Oct 2009Posted 29th Oct 2009
Murder One: Complete Series 1 & 2: 11DVD: Box Set £17.99 + Free Delivery @ Chipsworld£17.99
Two seasons of the courtroom drama set in Los Angeles. Season 1 spans twenty-two episodes. The main character is Ted Hoffman (played by Daniel Benzali) who begins by successfully r… Read more

Brilliant two seasons! gripping stuff.


Does this have the audio commentary?


This is one of the best court room dramas ever. I normally hate court room programs but this has some of the best actors that you have never heard of. You end up not knowing who to hate or who to like. It can leave your morals in some confusion. There are lots of bits that should be made compulsory viewing for law students and philosophers. Sorry to be long winded but series one was brilliant.

Street Fighter IV (4) - £14.99 @ Chipsworld
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Posted 17th Oct 2009Posted 17th Oct 2009
Street Fighter IV (4) - £14.99 @ Chipsworld£14.99
Great game
2100 live points £15.99 del @ chipsworld
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Posted 28th Aug 2009Posted 28th Aug 2009
2100 live points £15.99 del @ chipsworld£15.99
as above, not the cheapest i,ve seen but good price non the less.

trying to help who? the company you posted it for? come on... sort it out! with 800 posts you really should know better by now. Dont waste your time or ours.


not the cheapest = not a deal ;-)


shop to,7 day shop,zavvi,:)


The Hut and a code = £14.73


where is cheaper?

Xbox 360 Games £4.99 @ Chipsworld
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Posted 28th Aug 2009Posted 28th Aug 2009
Xbox 360 Games £4.99 @ Chipsworld£4.99
Lost: The Video Game Fuzion Frenzy 2 Dark Messiah: Elements Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silv... Alone In The Dark A few games for under a tenner too, I think there are quite … Read more

Its a multi operation with some stores company owned and some ran as a franchise operation website operation is outsourced to thehut but not owned by them:)


was in game earlier and they had a few of these for 4.99 inc lost and alone in the dark in the sale


Are you sure of this? As they have a number of stores as well. Edit: Just seen the hut mentioned on the terms and conditions


Yeah, both operated by The Hut Group.


This web site does look really like the zavvi web site are they the same company ?

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MATCHBOX TWENTY - Exile on Mainstream (Hits+EP) CD £2.99 delivered @ Chipsworld
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Posted 29th Mar 2009Posted 29th Mar 2009
MATCHBOX TWENTY - Exile on Mainstream (Hits+EP) CD £2.99 delivered @ Chipsworld£2.99
...OR from The Hut £3.13 + Quidco "The fourth album from US soft-rock sensations Matchbox Twenty is a retrospective package that contains their biggest singles to date along with … Read more

An excellent album from an excellent band. HOT!


Good son was just listening to this 1 hour ago!!!...good price

Various Artists - Just For Dad (3 CD Set) £2.99 + Free Delivery @ Chipsworld
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Posted 27th Mar 2009Posted 27th Mar 2009
Various Artists - Just For Dad (3 CD Set) £2.99 + Free Delivery @ Chipsworld£2.99
A wee bit early for Fathers Day.....but It's bound to be more expensive by late April/May A fair few decent tracks, and a good price for 3 CD's Disc 1 Primal Scream - Rocks To… Read more

Ooooo, Forum helper :D Hey ^^

Alone in The Dark (Xbox 360 & Wii) - £9.99 Delivered @ Chipsworld
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Posted 24th Mar 2009Posted 24th Mar 2009
Alone in The Dark (Xbox 360 & Wii) - £9.99 Delivered @ Chipsworld£9.99
I've only played the demo myself but it didn't seem too bad. Not seen it cheaper anywhere else myself. Not aware of any vouchers though :(

lol dont worry mate, we all post a few cold ones. just use the search if future to check if its been posted :thumbsup:


Admin - if you will :(


i think its less than 6 quid at zavvi


Cold for me too didn't this come free with a FHM subscription a while back?


Have to agree this is cold. I know its cheaper than this in Sainsburys. Let alone other places online where you can get QuidCo ect........

The Eric Rohmer Collection [8 DVD Box Set]  £13.99 @ Chipsworld
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Posted 12th Feb 2009Posted 12th Feb 2009
The Eric Rohmer Collection [8 DVD Box Set] £13.99 @ Chipsworld£13.99
One for lovers of foreign language films. Eric Rohmer is one of France's most celebrated directors and this Arrow Films collection brings together 8 of his most influential works,… Read more
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:w00t: And they keep selling out. Hope everyone gets the Russ Meyher boxset:thumbsup:


It looks like they pulled it! There is another French film collection thats very cheap compared to other websites: The Patrice Leconte 5 DVD Collection £6.99 ]here Only problem is it says delivery 2-4 weeks so I wouldn't hold out any hopes. Time to expire this.......


Will check this out this afternoon, can't access the site from work as IT blocks any sites to do with games. Strange really as I can get on any other site that sells games, just not Chipsworld! :thinking:


TBH I'm just relieved to find something you haven't posted once in a while :-D


Link don't work now-expired?

Russ Meyer - Box Set 18 films on 12 dvds £13.99 @ Chipsworld
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Posted 12th Feb 2009Posted 12th Feb 2009
Russ Meyer - Box Set 18 films on 12 dvds £13.99 @ Chipsworld£13.99
A bit weird and not my cup of tea, although some of scenery is nice, but if this floats your boat then it looks a bargain. Box set containing 18 films: vixen, supervixens, beneath… Read more
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Gone now!


Russ Meyer was a boig fan of Tupac it seems:


Valley of the Dolls was a book that was made into a film but had nothing to do with Meyer. Beyond tVotD wasn't a proper sequel. I think the story goes that the author of the first one submitted a screenplay for a sequel and 20th Century Fox rejected it and then gave it to Meyer to do it and turned out more a pastiche than a sequel. The author hated it so much that she forced them (legally) to put "This is not a sequel to Valley of the Dolls|" on the posters! - this was Meyer's only 'big studio' funded movie, 20th Century Fox (I think?) and all the others on this DVD set are 'Eve Productions', Eve being his wife at the time who produced. My order email came through - no cancellation email.. yet :)


yeah im really annoyed with thehut group. they are getting silly with the amount of online stores. thehut, lovefilm, sendit, co-op, asda, tesco? (not sure on that one), chipsworld, dixons, currys etc. its really silly as they usually have the same prices. the main one that annoys me is chipsworld - nice indie north east video games place, always sold 2nd hand titles and retro stuff. now? its just another bland company. sellouts really. as for this, its a decent price for the amount of films, this set used to sell for almost 100 quid. but no valley of the dolls/beyond the valley of the dolls? werent they both meyer films? i have them on 2 disc steelbooks although they arent really my cup of cocoa.


This is another Hut company, they cancelled orders last time so I have a feeling it'll happen again.

Family Guy - Season 1 - 6 DVD Boxset Only £46.99 Delivered @ Chipsworld
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Posted 22nd Jan 2009Posted 22nd Jan 2009
Family Guy - Season 1 - 6 DVD Boxset Only £46.99 Delivered @ Chipsworld£46.99
Excellent price - Works out only £7.83 a season. Reading Chipsworlds T&C's discovered are part of the group so are legit. Buy season 7 seperately and you have still got… Read more

They have a store down here and i have to say are usually so overpriced! have had one or two bargains though. They also import DSes and things which im suprised they get away with (considering New Age Consoles didnt)


yeah these are 100% legit, I have used the middlesbrough store quite a lot over the years, fantastic guys


Thanks - just never heard of them before. Very good find.


I've used chipsworld quite a few times, they've always been great for me!


Excellent price. Anyone used this company before?

Beowoulf NEW £4.99 @ chipsworld
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Posted 12th Jan 2009Posted 12th Jan 2009
Beowoulf NEW £4.99 @ chipsworld£4.99
Beowoulf for ps3 and xbox360. Not the greatest of games but not bad at that price. This was in store not online
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+ 10% redeemable by the student discount, by clicking googlecheckout. Im afraid cold.


Also available at The Game Collection for Xbox 360 @ £4.89 + Free Delivery :thumbsup: ]


Where the heck is "chipsworld"? Is that a North (Eastern) chain? I cannot get any details other than what "Google Cache" offers me at present as the proxy server/firewall I'm sat before is not allowing me access to "gaming related" sites. :( Thanks for any information you can provide. BFN, fp.

Burnout Paradise PS3 Pre-owned £17.25 delivered from Chips
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Posted 27th Sep 2008Posted 27th Sep 2008
Burnout Paradise PS3 Pre-owned £17.25 delivered from Chips£17.25
best price ive seen for it new or pre-owned

Good price, but for £2.74 more its brand new here -

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Posted 1st Sep 2008Posted 1st Sep 2008
Hi, spotted this bargain from Chipsworld.
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also known for not honouring pre-orders, ref halo 3 special edition 360


and just to add to this cold fever i wouldnt touch that place every again i brought a ds charger which broke in two days lead came out of plug wasnt clamped asked for exchange said no it was mistreated it was clear it hadn't been clamped sealed phoned the rep that delt with the product he was happy to exchange but said postage would be more than the item so its was my choice a new one from another store or throw it at his window or just pay the postage .. very tempted ?? anyway its really upto you at the end of the day but their warrenty means jack ,,,,,, spend extra pennys buy from tesco or asda and never look back no complaints nothing they just exchange or refund .... super

Spurs_Nutter are also known as grey importers, in other words sell cheap Euro stock and not Official UK stock. They are well know in the gaming industry for selling imports.


Not what I'd call a "bargain" to be honest, they're only £239.99 new from with free next day delivery (chips are quoting 4/5 days for dispatch...). Plus with shopto you're guaranteed to get the newest 175w version (Falcon chipset), which are much less prone to failure.

Rock Band Wireless Guitar for Xbox 360 £49.99 Delivered (preorder) @ Chips
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Posted 10th Jun 2008Posted 10th Jun 2008
Rock Band Wireless Guitar for Xbox 360 £49.99 Delivered (preorder) @ Chips£49.99
I've been looking for a second guitar so I can play 4 player Rock Band, and I came across this. Wired controllers seem to be around £50 anyway, so I thought this was a pretty dece… Read more

I personally consider the rockband guitars to be dogturd. at 50 quid, they HAVE to be joking.


Yes, that is true. It's worth pointing out that you'd get more for your money if you bought GH2 or GH3 with their respective guitars. Personally, I've played through both on the PS2, and I rather like the Rock Band guitar so I'm waiting for this :)


You can't do the strumming less solos without the rockband guitar though. Also RB guitars don't work with GH3 :x


You can always use the GH3 wireless guitar and RB one for bass :)

god of war PSP instock now @ chips, redcar £24.99
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Posted 18th Mar 2008Posted 18th Mar 2008
god of war PSP instock now @ chips, redcar £24.99£24.99
i know its not the cheapest and its not region 2 (its a US import) but its in stock now for £24.99!!! its an amazing game! just like PS2 ones. they also had dualshock 3 control… Read more
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and its from chips enough said


Getting a game early is not worth paying more money for. So therefore, I voted cold as this is not a deal. If you really want the game early there are much cheaper ways anyway


It's not really about getting games earlier, It's more about getting it cheaper on this site, I could see your point if it was cheaper, Voting cold.


I did. :) Voted cold because it's over £7 pound dearer than what you can get it for from Blah. If you take Quidco into account then it's £8.66 dearer. So for the sake of a week, you are paying 50% extra and only getting an import.


come on whos voted it cold?! explain yourself!! LOL

Rapala: Tournament Fishing, Wii @, Used £14 +2.25 delivery
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Posted 7th Mar 2008Posted 7th Mar 2008
Rapala: Tournament Fishing, Wii @, Used £14 +2.25 delivery£16.25
CEX will even give £22 cash for this! Alot more elsewhere even though it is 2nd hand, comes with box and instructions. Catch monster trophy bass and hang on for the fight of your… Read more
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Sold out

Lumines PSP (Preowned) £6.25 delivered -
Posted 18th Sep 2007Posted 18th Sep 2007
Lumines PSP (Preowned) £6.25 delivered -£6.25
Thought this may appeal to any homebrew developers out there. Oh yes, it's a game too:- Lumines brings a unique puzzle experience to PSP handheld system owners, offering gameplay… Read more

It made me titter and brightened my day, easily amused or what;-) :giggle:


Whoops :oops:


:-D All gone - clicking expired :)


No they where referring to the name of the store :giggle: :giggle:


If you are referring to modding the PSP, no chips are needed. Just a USB cable, the internet and a few clicks.

[GCWii] Resident Evil 4 (Original) 22.24 delivered.
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Posted 13th May 2007Posted 13th May 2007
[GCWii] Resident Evil 4 (Original) 22.24 delivered.£22.24
In Resident Evil 4, players are reacquainted with Leon S. Kennedy, Raccoon Citys idealistic rookie cop from pervious adventures. In the six years since the destruction of Raccoon C… Read more