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All Tacos £1 each at Chiquitos today - with voucher
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Received this e-mail from Chiquitos. Really can't go wrong at this price.

Tiny tacos


Hi, could you send me the email link please. I'll dm you my email id.


It might be worth checking the website. If not let me know and I’ll be happy to forward my email on to you


I can’t see this offer. Might it be account specific?

£1 tacos at Chiquito on Tuesday via app
LocalLocalFound 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
£1 tacos at Chiquito on Tuesday via app
Download the app for unlimited £1 tacos on a Tuesday with the code on the app. Just had a meal out for 4 people - ordered 12 tacos (for £12) and there was more than enough to go a… Read more
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I wish this was on today but sure ill use again. Thanks


Also on a Thursday, we often go been around for a while now


It’s on a Tuesday only. Similar to Meerkats, you’ll need to collect a new code next Tuesday.


Thanks. Just signed up but saying all offered expired on 28/08! Anyone have the same problem


Nice find! (highfive)

Tacos all £1 today at chiquitos
Found 31st Jul 2018Found 31st Jul 2018
Tacos all £1 today at chiquitos
I received this by email, as I’m on their mailing list. Not sure if it’d work if you signed up now, worth a try tho, for £1

Could anyone forward me the email they received? thanks


What a great deal! Thanks juggler 1, a nice dining out option!

50% of Food With New Click & Collect @ Chiquito
Found 14th Jun 2018Found 14th Jun 2018
As the title says Order using the new click & collect service and get 50% off your order (highfive)



What a bizarre trend on this site, people see a deal that they have no interest in ... and then go into it and log in so they can make a pointless negative comment about the deal! We go occasionally and have the Fajitas, and I couldn’t fault the food or drink on the occasions we have been, we’ve had a good time!


OFF not of


Mmm, lovely! We've just had a new one open in Liverpool, so we're excited to try it out! Thank you!!



Taco Thursday's are back @ Chiquito - All Taco's £1
Found 31st May 2018Found 31st May 2018
You need to be registered and signed in to receive the offer. Can't go wrong for £1 (Hopefully)

They must be the slowest microwaves on the planet.


Would have done this but none close enough to me to make it worth my while sadly.


then the server should do his upmost best to get my order right and ensure i leave the restaurant a happy bunny


the life and soul of, every time! :). if a server treats you like crap, you be rude back - but never be rude first... that's what I was always taught.


you must be fun at parties

TACO TUESDAY- £1 a Taco @ Chiquitos
LocalLocalFound 2nd Apr 2018Found 2nd Apr 2018
Just sign up to receive the offer and get your voucher! Voucher valid for the table and you can buy as many as you want!

Holy guacamole! It looks like this offer has expired. Keep calm, and look out for more offers coming soon.


Taco Tuesday, followed by Wet Fart Wednesday...



Sign me the h*ck up.


One of the reasons why I keep going back, I tend to not really be in that much of a hurry and if the service is slow and the food takes ages to come they always knock loads of the bill. Two of us once ate there for less than £20 for three courses and alcoholic drinks.

£1 Taco Tuesdays at Chiquito or 50% off mains or AYCE Tortillas/Burritos etc from £10.95 -grab the vouchers via the website
Found 13th Mar 2018Found 13th Mar 2018
Terms and Conditions: £1 tacos: • Voucher entitles the bearer to tacos for £1 per taco. • Valid on Tuesday 13th March until restaurants close only. • Multiple tacos can be ordered… Read more

Must admit I’ve been twice and both times been bad ,first time I ever went for a family meal and all are meals come before are drinks That was a first


Haven't eaten in a Chiquito restaurant for years. I once went many years ago when they used to do the all you can eat buffet lunch. I think I rather liked it at the time. No idea what it is like nowadays. Kind of ends up being a bit of luck with how good food and service will be. The same as any other place or chain.


I normally hate people moaning, but can't help myself here. After eating in the Glasgow Fort branch of this place, I can see why they're selling stuff for a quid! (poo)


Good deal, but I've been to three different restaurants in the Birmingham area and all are poor.. I'd avoid.

Free 125ml Prosecco and unlimited refills at Chiquito for mum on Mothers Day with a main meal purchose
Found 2nd Mar 2018Found 2nd Mar 2018
Free 125ml Prosecco and unlimited refills at Chiquito for mum on Mothers Day with a main meal purchose
Handy if you're already going Terms & Conditions: • Voucher entitles Mum to complimentary 125ml Prosecco (plus refills) when a main meal from the Main menu is purchased at p… Read more

It'sTo clear out the stock


If they're still trading by then !!


Our local outlet has terrible reviews on Tripadvisor.


Table is booked <3


Meet you there @Syzable

All you can eat Tortilla @ Chiquito and kids eat free !
LocalLocalFound 21st Feb 2018Found 21st Feb 2018
All you can eat Tortilla @ Chiquito and kids eat free !
At this stage I'm not sure how much it will be but Chiquito have just announced all you can eat Tortillas. Between today and close.of business Tues 27th Feb (Not valid on Saturday… Read more
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This deal got even better for us! just went with the mrs, I had the build your own deal and she used a 50% off mains for hers (terms say you can use one each) and the 50% off worked for both! So essentially I got unlimited build your own for £5.50!! Went down well with happy hour cocktails, felt like we'd robbed chiquitos!!


How long was the waiting time between courses, want to try this but don't want to sit there for 2 hours for 2 dishes. So it's basically £10.95 for as many tacos/chimichangas/burritos/enchiladas as you can eat?


I think they just charge £2 for the base, didn't try ordering veggie sorry.


What is the age limit for young adults? Can you order a young adults for free even if there are no young adults at the table to get the drink and dessert? It does not state a child has to be there!


Could you just get the £2 rice beans and cheese option and skip the additional filling? That would be a deal! Does anyone know? Perfect for vegetarians. Does it mean you can have have all of these? £2.00 CHIMICHANGA Golden fried tortilla with rice, refried beans, mozzarella and jalapeño cheese sauce. Topped with guacamole and sour cream. Served with salsa and tortilla chips £2.00 TACOS Three crispy corn tortillas filled with rice, mozzarella, sour cream, pink onions and salsa £2.00 ENCHILADA Two flour tortillas with rice and jalapeño cheese sauce, baked in the oven and topped with tomato sauce, sour cream and pink onions £2.00 BURRITO Flour tortilla, packed with rice, refried beans, salsa, mozzarella, guacamole and jalapeño cheese sauce. Served with tortilla chips

Chiquito 50% Off Mains
Found 3rd Dec 2017Found 3rd Dec 2017
Chiquito 50% Off Mains
50% off mains plus 1st drink on the house
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Used this the other night thanks! Each to their own but personally love Chiquito. Got our full meal for 2 £21, bargain


Nandos has fake halal by stunning as its supposed to have vein cut. Plus they use the very same chicken (supplier) as KFC. A local peri peri place has whole chicken for £6.99 tastes just as good if not better. Nandos is for the unknowleageable.


People who eat at Nando's never "eat at" or "go to" Nando's...




FYI majority of Halal chicken (95% plus) in U.K. is stunned first then bled out. Essentially no less humane than everyday bog standard chicken you get in Tesco which is stunned then killed. Sorry bit off topic (y) but Halal can get a bit of a bad rap sometimes.

Chiquitos BOGOF on mains plus free drink inc pint beer / glass prosecco
LocalLocalFound 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
Chiquitos BOGOF on mains plus free drink inc pint beer / glass prosecco
BOGOF ON MAINS 50% off Mains Voucher entitles the bearer to 50% off main meals when ordering from the main menu. Offer excludes The Ultimate Fajita, cannot be used in conjunctio… Read more

Both honored without question. Great service. Good atmosphere. Very nice food - very big portions. I went with a family member, two main meals and 2 shandys cost £16 all in with these vouchers. I.e £8 each. Can't argue with that.


The last time I went here, I ordered a Caesar Salad with sauce on the side. I was given a plate of iceberg lettuce, no chicken, no cheese. I complained and eventually the brought over a rubbery piece of over cooked chicken. It was dreadful. What's worse is they were fully prepared to charge me £10 for a plate of lettuce. Ugh! Generally speaking though, awful overpriced food




Doing it for the drink!


Chiquishouldshutdown. Nasty cheap frozen food. Better buy a selection from supermarket

Chiquitos. Free, 3 course meal, and a beer for dad on fathers day weekend! (Another adult main course must be purchased from the main menu)
Found 7th Jun 2017Found 7th Jun 2017
Chiquitos. Free, 3 course meal, and a beer for dad on fathers day weekend! (Another adult main course must be purchased from the main menu)
Chiquitos are offering a 3 course meal for dad, with a free beer, on fathers day weekend (17+18th June). Another adult main course must be purchased from the main menu. Booking rec… Read more

Just received apology email from Chiquitos with a £25 voucher, this added to the 25% off food bill on my receipt has put a cheeky mexican smile on my face!!!!


I went this afternoon with my partner, we didn't have any kids in tow and they honoured the deal of 3 courses and a beer. I couldn't believe it, we saved over £35 and the bill only came to just over £20. I would definitely make a complaint, it's not right that it's been being offered in some restaraunts and not in others.


That is insane. Did you speak to the manager? I went with my son but could have easily gone without him. The offer for the 3 main course was exceptional. I paid £16.90 and savings of like £34! Incredibly good deal but not happy what they did to you.


Not impressed. Just been with wife, left kids at sisters, thought we would have a quiet meal together. After ordering starter it was pointed out that as i had no kids with me the deal wouldn't be honored! But i am a father. Doesn't state this in terms. Also free beer is only mexican blonde. Did download app and rated a film on there for 20%off food. Deal cold!


now showing in the app as an offer.

Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Through the vouchercloud app giving you 51% off mains at chiquitos today This is valid until 27th April
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Does anyone eat at these establishments?! I know the fact they are open should answer that but when I think of these chains all I think of is: Bing!


Ditto on sentiment and closure. Rightly so. And Frankie and Benny is awful too.


Mixed experience at our local Kingston, Milton Keynes branch. First time we went the service was awful and my 6 year old daughter told the manager he needed more staff. He asked her if she wanted to be a waitress, she said no, she was going to be a doctor! Went again two weeks ago and it was excellent, good food, good service we all thoroughly enjoyed it.


No worries


used to alright. not worth the price though even at half off! our local one got shutdown barely any business X)

Chiquito's £10 off when you download the app
Found 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
Download Chiquito app to get £10 off and opportunities to win via game. Also offers 20% discount when you use app
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You can also review a movie via the app for 20% off


It's a good deal Heat from me. They also take NUS extra cards for discount too. Thanks for post OP


£10 off when you buy 2 main meals. You need to zoom the image a bit to read it.[image missing]With minimum charge for one dish @ 12.00 it's about 40% off.

51% off mains at Chiquito via App
Found 10th Jan 2017Found 10th Jan 2017
51% off mains at Chiquito via App
This just popped up on my app. 51% off main meals after 5pm valid Sunday - Friday assuming you will have to get the chiquito app and sign up for it to show up. valid until 31st … Read more

can you use this off four of your mains? if going with another couple?


Comment Do what I do, don't tell ur date u have a discount and still ask for half, thus bagging yourself a free meal, pop to toilet but pay bill on the sly. I've had 26 free meals so far over the years using this method.


:D Thursday date night sorted, thank you!

£10 off your next food bill when you get the Chiquitos app
Found 12th Jul 2016Found 12th Jul 2016
£10 off your next food bill when you get the Chiquitos app
To celebrate launching our first ever Chiquito app, we’re giving you £10 off your food bill when you sign up!* The fiesta starts here amigo with menus, games, rewards and more! We… Read more

nice find

Chiquito Free frozen cocktail with a meal
Found 28th May 2016Found 28th May 2016
Chiquito Free frozen cocktail with a meal
Claim a free frozen cocktail from the menu by just showing the server a picture of one of their frozen cocktails from their snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. One per person with a m… Read more
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Kids eat free Easter Sunday 27 March 2016 at Chiquito.  Also 25% armed forces/student discount offers.
Found 8th Mar 2016Found 8th Mar 2016
Kids eat free Easter Sunday 27 March 2016 at Chiquito. Also 25% armed forces/student discount offers.
Easter - Kids Eat Free! One free kids meal from the kids menu when an adult meal is purchased from the main menu. Valid Sunday 27th March only. Armed Forces Discount Terms &… Read more
25% OFF at CHIQUITOS by posting film review on their website
Found 25th Jan 2015Found 25th Jan 2015
25% OFF at CHIQUITOS by posting film review on their website
Post your movie review on their website to get 25% off your next Chiquito visit. The voucher is sent to your inbox with an expiry date. Please note: Chiquitos post the film that t… Read more

Just gave a review for Horrible Bosses 2 and instantly received a 25% off Chiquito email voucher



I really liked the film. It gave a good insight into being in the armed services. Well directed by Clint Eastwood. Post your movie review on their website to get 25% off your next Chiquito visit. The voucher is sent to your inbox with an expiry date. Please note: Chiquitos post the film that they'd like you to review. At the moment the film is American Sniper. T&CS: 25% off* your food bill Sunday to Thursday, when ordering from the main menu. Simply show this email to your server within 30 days of receipt to get your discount.[/quote]


Turns out you can get a 25% without leaving a review - just go to the offers page at


Did you leave a review? I made some schpeel up