Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Just £2.99 @ HMV - Brilliant family film - ready for a rainy weekend?
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Just £2.99 @ HMV - Brilliant family film - ready for a rainy weekend?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Just £2.99 @ HMV - Brilliant family film - ready for a rainy weekend?

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As above..........Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Just £2.99 - Brilliant family film - ready for a rainy weekend?

Here we are children, come and get your lollipops... ice-cream, chocolate... all freeeeeee today! These words have put a generation of children in abject fear. The dainty dancing man in jester's garb with the delectable little sweet cart, becoming the horrific scrawny child catcher for the Baron who hates them. He wants all the toys for himself. Robert Helpmann, the Australian dancer extraordinaire, plays this wonderfully wicked kiddy-catching character with glee.
Dick Van Dyke is charming as a daydreaming inventor who fixes up an old jalopy and, with the vivid imaginations of his two children Jeremy and Jemima, and a lady friend Truly Scrumptious, it is transformed into a flying, floating wonder car that carries them to a magical kingdom where they must endure the child catcher at first hand and save the kingdom's children from imprisonment. Lionel Jeffries plays the delightfully inventive grandpa and Gert Frobe the spoilt Baron who hasn't grown up. With some great songs and of course the fantastic flying, floating car this is one of th greatest family movies. Inspired by an Ian James Bond Fleming idea.


Superb film.

It was on the telly yesterday and my daughter and I caught the end of it.

youtube.com/wat…AH8 magic!

I'm off to dig out Me Ol' Bam-Boo :thumbsup:

Brilliant film that leaves so many unanswered questions....... like why does he have an American accent when his kids are as English as can be ?

Love this film. Ian Fleming wrote it too.

Always been one of my faves, now it's a fave of my two littlies. They caught it at the theatre not long ago. Fab, and extra hot at this price.

My 2 & 4 year old daughters love this great find

Possibly the scariest film you will ever see (because you first see it as a child). As a child you aren't really exoposed to true horror, then as an adult you can laugh at it. The child-catcher is pure psychological terror.
Great film.

Fantastic film - one I have been meaning to buy for years. Now I have no excuse ! HOT :-D

My daughter loves this so i might have to buy this as a stocking filler
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