Chivas Regal 12 Yr Old Scotch - Tesco Instore @ £12.40

Chivas Regal 12 Yr Old Scotch - Tesco Instore @ £12.40

Found 28th Jun 2011
Picked this up in one of my Large Tesco stores tonight just as they were putting it on the shelves at a reduced to clear price of £12.40 which is a fantastic price (they were also putting out J+B at £9.99)

Cant be sure if this is nationwide but I will check a few more stores tomorrow.

Hope others can pick it up also as I will put a few away as xmas gifts. Will have to sample a dram or two meself.

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quality drink
one for the top shelf
12 years OLD?
I can get NEW stuff for that!
Is this on all Tescos? (even Metros))

Was this the large 70cl bottle please?

I want to know as well. its 70 or 350 cl bottle.
Not at my local Tesco extra. JB not reduced either. Had it checked out while I was there!
checked my local (dunfermline) it was the smaller bottle that was 12.40 and no JB reduced either
Same here in Rochdale, small 35cl bottle was 12.49, J&B not reduced
In both cases these were the 70cl bottles.

May be store specific as I have now checked two other stores which both have no stock of either product but went and picked up some J+B and its actually priced up as £9.40..
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