Chivas Regal Extra Blended Scotch Whisky, 70 cl Only £22 @ Amazon

Chivas Regal Extra Blended Scotch Whisky, 70 cl Only £22 @ Amazon

Found 30th Nov 2017
Never tried this, worth a shot at£22
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20 quid at Tesco, cold!!
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medplaya11 m ago

20 quid at Tesco, cold!!

Link, I can’t find it on tesco web
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Looks worth a try,,,,,,,. Ordered. Love the Normal Chivas (on offer at Tesco £20) so looking forward having a try of this. Thank OP.
Heat. Great find thx. Ordered for the missis from Santa. This is the Sherry cask ‘extra’ version not the £20 Tesco/Asda stuff that she loves anyway. And that’s a good price @ £20 as it’s usually £28 ish.
medplaya43 m ago

20 quid at Tesco, cold!!

You should check before you vote cold. This is a different drink & much more expensive. Tesco/Asda £20 is 12yrs but still good stuff. whereas this is ‘Extra’.
This is NOT the normal £20 Chivas Regal you see at Tesco so STOP VOTING COLD because of erroneous first comment.
Hot for me, worthy of a trial!!
Not sure why this cold, a very good price for this. Ordered a bottle for the brother in law who I normally buy the regular 12 year old. Heat added
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medplaya30th Nov

20 quid at Tesco, cold!!

Hey, if you want to vote cold then vote cold, don't post a stupid and incorrect comment on my post !!
Bugger, gone back up to £35!! If I could give extra heat I would. Bought the better half a bottle ordinary Chivas for £20 and then this when it was on offer & she definitely prefers the dearer ‘Extra’ (but she would wouldn’t she!)
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