Chocolate Biscuit Collection - Home Bargains 79p

Chocolate Biscuit Collection - Home Bargains 79p

LocalFound 3rd Oct 2013
Might be national but can't check.... these are exactly like and taste like Cadburys fingers. Classed as broken mishaped biscuits but most are whole and are normally milk chocolate. This bag weighs in at 350g. So at 79p for 350g seems a bargin as Cadbury fingers tend to be a pound plus for 125g box.
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Colchester store
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Not sure how to add a pic of receipt but it states on there they are "Cad Chocolate Broken Fingers"... So guess that's why they taste exactly like them! Guess they are, so even more of a bargain.
Buy these all the time they never last long in this house!
Always end up with milk chocolate, never had an assortment.
And they are cadburys fingers
Been buying them for a while now, sooooo addictive. If you've got a B & M nearby check them out, they sell them in my local for 59p or 69p but I know that they are the cheapest for me.
I would disagree - disappointed as choc not cadbury
kate g

I would disagree - disappointed as choc not cadbury

What are you talking about, they are totally Cadburys, had all varieties, you don't get a mix, but you do get, a full bag of either milk chocolate, white chocolate or fabulous fingers and they are 100% Cadburys. What is kate g smoking?
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