Chocolate coins, milk or white, 50p each at Aldi

Chocolate coins, milk or white, 50p each at Aldi

Found 21st Nov 2013
A net bag of chocolate coins are only 50p in Aldi stores, perfect stocking fillers
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bought white ones - delish
My mum said she wanted "something silver" for Christmas. I think you've just found the solution, thanks OP.
whats weight?
100g white/,ilk in home bargains 59p
Also 2 for £1 in Tesco...only gold colour though I think.
Silver (in Tesco) as well.
Great price and heat added! My 3 year old loves chocolate coins and has one most days (if he's been good!)......."magic" them out from behind your little one's ear for pure wonderment - a memory I think neither he nor I will ever forget!

whats weight?

A measurement of mass
Bagged mine last week (_;)

A measurement of mass

clap clap smarty pants.
i meant the weight of the bag of chocolates(but you knew that)
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