Chocolate Cornetto ice creams
Chocolate Cornetto ice creams

Chocolate Cornetto ice creams

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Just got back from Asda and they have 6 pack of Chocolate Cornettos for 50p. Should be £1.99 or buy 2 for £2.50.

Not available online.


sounds like a mis-price?


sounds like a mis-price?

Do you think it could be nationwide?

I love these! Asda have been selling off ice creams at 50p - I know Maltesers ice creams were listed on here

& the little tubs of Chunky Monkey ice cream

... so hopefully just getting rid of ice cream ready for christmas stock? Thanks

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Do you think it could be nationwide?

Sorry - I'm not sure. The label was above board and went through the checkout just fine.

I picked up a couple boxes of these for 50p in my local Asda at the weekend (and forgot to post it!). They were clearly marked as 50p per box. It also said two for £2.50 (not certain the £2.50 is right - might've been £2.99) so I bought two to see if there was a possibility of a price glitch meaning I get them free. Alas no - I've had to pay the full eight and a bit pence per cornetto! ;-)

I found them as I was looking for the Maltesers and other offers I'd seen posted on here but they didn't have those reduced.
They're very nice, too - we're nearly finished both boxes :-)

My local Asda's Middlesbrough, btw. I'm assuming from his avatar Milesy's from Leeds*, so this looks likely to be nationwide.
Possibly some shops have the Maltesers reduced and others have the cornettos reduced?

*(that's by no means certain, though.)

Will check out at lunchtime - so cool, this is voted hot!

Sometimes with these one's that ar 2 for .... that have later been reduced, the multibuy saving sometimes come off as well, although not in this case Late says.

I got a load of icecreams a few months ago, came out to 2p per 2 boxes :thumbsup:

Also on offer in my local is the Solero Strawberry Smoothie @ 50p, and also Solero Mini Multi-pack @ 50p.
Handwritten on all the 50p tickets was the word 'discontinued' so guess once they're out of stock that's it.

This deals so hot, its melting the ice cream :w00t:

Picked up two this morning.

Looks like a misprice as even box says "offer" of two for £2.50.

No other signage saying they are on offer.

Are the mintones included does anyone know?

Great offer & post. Bought several boxes @ 50p per box this a.m.:) Really nice..just tried one. Although there was no price code on shelf, so had to ask at C.S & C.S lady was pleasantly surprised too.

This is still active, picked up more this morning. Doent work on the "classic" varirty though. 8 something pence an ice cream. This deal should be hotter!! Thanks to the original poster.
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