Chocolate farmyard  animals half price @ M&S   £2.49

Chocolate farmyard animals half price @ M&S £2.49

Found 11th Apr 2009
Just seen some really cool choccy animals half-price in Marks

There is a cow (Molly Moo I think), lamb and a couple of others all half price. They look like handmade with a mixture of dark and white chocolate and as they're not strictly "Easter" chocs they could be a birthday or general gift at a later date. Sorry no photo but you'll have to take my word that they are nice looking chocs and good value for £2.49 :o)

There is also Timmy tractor which has a large blue ceramic piggy bank as well as eggs and is also half price at £4.99


Saw these in my local store - they are lovely!

Heat & Rep added!

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Cheers PIPT :thumbsup:

lucy lamb, timmy tractor, just picked up on the m40 near Bicester

Ive just picked up 4 lucy lambs 1 timmy tractor and 1 molly moo :roll: on the M62 ferrybridge services,excellent deal,my kids are going to love them tomorrow.

i got a lucy lamb and a molly moo, they look fab there were loads still on the shelves in st helens, merseyside

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lucy lamb - I knew it lol !!
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