Chocolate fountain £9.95 instore from Netto 23/7/07
Chocolate fountain £9.95 instore from Netto 23/7/07

Chocolate fountain £9.95 instore from Netto 23/7/07

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In Netto's 'Summer Sale' the chocolate fountain they were selling in May for £20 now £9.95.
In store 23/7
To think these started off as £80. Now the chocolate costs almost as much as the fountain.
Either use expensive proper chocolate or supermarkets own brand plus sunflower oil to get it flowing right.


Nice price! Might go down and get one! :thumbsup:

sweeeeet ive wanted one of these for a while!

Cheap, but i have heard a lot of bad reviews of chocolate fountains, aparently they are really hard to get flowing right.

Good price anyway!

Yes The Amount Of Oil You Have To Put In These To Get It To Flow Really Puts You Off Eating This, If I Remember Rightly It Was About A Third. Yuk! Obviously If You Use Proper Fountain Chocolate This Isnt The Case But Its Expensive.

I don't put a third of oil in with mine just a drop will do capful or 2 and i use sainsburys or tescos own chocolate( not basics but the next one up) mine works a treat!!

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The higher the proportion of cocoa solids in the chocolate, the less oil you have to put in. A good mix is Asda's own brand milk chocolate with Lidl's 74% cocoa solids dark chocolate and a little bit of sunflower oil. Proportion of milk vs dark is down to taste. Just remember that chocolate with more than 70% cocoa solids is good for you!
Tip: carrot batons and cucumber sticks are not very good as dipping foods!

You can buy 'proper' chocolate fountain from Boots online. I've had it but don't like it as much as using the chocolate bars. It flows wonderfully but isn't chocolatey enough for me (I am a chocoholic though). Co-op FairTrade is a good one - very tasty - but works out expensive. I normally use Tesco Value or Asda SmartPrice. You don't need a third oil. Also you can buy cocoa butter which is better (though more expensive) than oil to get it flowing. Experiment and enjoy - we do!

Really want one of these to take into work for my birthday instead of the boring donuts that are usually offered!

Well waitrose are to begin selling chocolate for the fountains at £7.95 for 700 grams I believe and this is the stuff used in professional fountains by Giles and Posner ... I highly recommend the chocolate as I use it my pro machine and it works a treat . I know it seems quite expensive but it saves all the messing about .. I want to eat chocolate not be a chemist.

All good until you realise you have to hand wash the thing, great idea, awful to clean up.

thanks for this, good price :thumbsup:
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