Chocolate fountain £9.97 instore
Chocolate fountain £9.97 instore

Chocolate fountain £9.97 instore

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Just been to tescos and the chocolate fountains are reduced from £29.99 to £9.97


Nice find just in time for Easter Thanks!

Interesting......my local store had these as 'discontinued' at £14.97 yesterday. Regional variation perhaps?

it wont let me use the code TDXR-DSJNNT, ive used it once already. anyone else got any codes for £5 off or free delivery?

£14.98 online too??? (then del - £19.83 total - not that good really)

just picked one up at my local for £9.97

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Interesting......my local store had these as 'discontinued' at £14.97 … Interesting......my local store had these as 'discontinued' at £14.97 yesterday. Regional variation perhaps?

dont know buts thats what they were by me yesterday!!! hense being suprised today!;-)

[SIZE=2]Yep...visited quite a few Tesco stores on Saturday over about 100 mile distance (don't ask!) and they all seemed to have them at £9.97. They were reduced/discontinued at £14.97 previously this week at my local store but they too were offering them @ £9.97 today.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]I was tempted despite the fact it's probably one of those things that'll get used once and then thrown in the back of the cupboard and forgotten about.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Whilst they appear good at first sight, I think cleaning the item afterwards could be a nightmare. What actually put me off was that in one store they had one running and offering customers the chance to sample the chocolate and I saw how much chocolate was actually dripped around the unit, on the table, even on the floor as people removed their fruit, marshmallow, etc after dipping it in the chocolate. [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Everyone was being issued with napkins to try and prevent the mess but to no avail[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]It was one is-store promotion that wasn't having the desired effect, at least on me, and to be honest I didn't see anyone else buy one whilst I was there.[/SIZE]

I bought a few of these models at christmas as presents for family. They were priced at £14.99 then. We had one out at my sisters party on Friday and it was fab. Can safely say I've put a few pounds on!

No spillages in our household! Well you do get a few drips every now and then when you are piggish like me and hold your fruit under the choccy for too long to get maximum coverage. Not a problem if you put a plastic style tablecloth down 1st.


Thanks I picked up 1 today for my daughters party shes well happy!!

Just bought from my local store. Bang goes the diet!!!!!!!!!1

IMO only worth it at parties... you just cannot eat that much chocolate in one sitting.

Believe me. I tried.

It's a sod to clean too sometimes, but well worth it.
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