Chocolate Shop Chocolate Red Wine @ Co-Op (East Midlands, possibly nationwide)

Chocolate Shop Chocolate Red Wine @ Co-Op (East Midlands, possibly nationwide)

Found 9th Dec 2013
Just popped in to my local co-op mainly to gawp at the over weight grumpy assistants and enjoy their merry Christmas chatter, anyway I saw this for £5.99 I should have taken a photo I know but it's real

This sells for £8.99 elsewhere (Lord knows how, what a rip off). This probably tastes like a tramp's bath water. It'll make a great present for someone anyway as it sounds a lot better than it tastes I'm sure

It's also in Sainsbury's for £6…tml…tml
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1p more in Sainsbury's

You could use this to clean your sink or drains, would smell nice probably but expensive.

I'm planning on buying this to attract ladies then sell them Avon goods.

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Sounds interesting!!
good price so heat added, but the wine itself is absolutely awful! bought one last year and couldn't stand it!
It doesn't sound very appealing X)
I love wine. More than most

I love chocolate. Really like it.

This stuff however tastes like vomit
It is national x
Laughing at your description! Think I will give the wine a miss though
It doesn't sound good folks
My mum works there... Bang on with the description.
Tried this last year at the 3 wine men and it's not as bad as it sounds.

A guy was giving a taste and told us to take a sip and then offerd us some chocolate and to take another sip.

Was very interesting, I'd say it's a nice alterative to a desert wine. If you and freinds like wine, I'd recommend it. We bought a bottle and had mixed views from freinds when drinking. Guy's seemed to like it more than ladies

I love wine. More than mostI love chocolate. Really like it.This stuff … I love wine. More than mostI love chocolate. Really like it.This stuff however tastes like vomit

I work at the Co-op we have had this wine for years, I have often wondered what it taste like, now I know what to tell customers!

1p more in Sainsbury's

Or get for £4.50 if you buy 6 or more bottles of ANY wine (25% off 6 or more bottles of wine at present)
Weird idea
Heat added, love your description too
This stuff is love or hate
Bit like 20/20
sounds interesting
I've tried it, I'd choose diarrhoea in a glass over this.
Doesn't taste like wine, nor does it taste like chocolate..... however it does taste like some other brown smelly stuff........
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Well you guys almost put me off but the chaps reviewing it over amazon way have almost tempted me to give it a go. Have some heat...
Ooo and an evergreen flamedeer, merci
Ha ha ha! Grumpy overweight assistant!! X) hope she does not come on HUKD and read all about herself!! Loved your wee story so have some heat!

sounds odd... does it taste as weird as it sounds?
I love this, my new Christmas favourite at the moment x
Bork, id rather drink pond water
Was watching Sunday Brunch this weekend and they stated that red wine and choc do NOT go together well
It is national.
I worked in a Co-Op last year and we had stacks of this stuff, impossible to shift. Apparently it's awful
Why would you buy for a present something that tastes like ****? Cold.
You sell it well, lol :-)
Just seen this in the Lincolnshire co-op and was going to ask about taste. I'm intrigued and disgusted at the same time
i found it did not taste nice when i tried some last year
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