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Posted 20 July 2023

Chocolate tubs (Roses 550g, Heroes 550g and Celebrations 600g) Clubcard Price

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Chocolate tubs ready for Christmas? In-store and online
Tesco More details at

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  1. MattC76's avatar
    How does this compare with Xmas prices? Seriously considering stocking up for Xmas! 🎄 (edited)
    Retgf's avatar
    They normally do 2 for £7 a couple of times in the run up.
  2. bf50ck's avatar
    Just been to a Tesco. Quality street 600g tub is on the same price too.
    djp2k8's avatar
    But it's quality street!
  3. AniH's avatar
    The twisted wrap ends bulk out the packs so it’s actually even less than what it looked like years ago! To be fair to Cadbury it was Mars who started this - Cadbury just ended up copying to keep prices down and compete. (edited)
  4. ThePrince's avatar
    Roses are red
    The tubs are blue
    The grams get less & less
    Which is healthier for you*

    *But we still charge you £4 (edited)
    Lakeside's avatar
    Roses are red
    But won't keep you nimble
    Give it two years
    They'll be sold in a thimble
  5. deleted2936900's avatar
    Merry Xmas everyone!

    Ohh wait
    andrewworrall1's avatar
    We can resist and have melted choccy at Christmas!
  6. Dan_82's avatar
    In a land of cocoa dreams, a tale unfolds,Chocolate roses and tubs, a story to be told.Once abundant and grand, now smaller they appear,A chocolaty mystery, bringing laughter and cheer.

    The roses quip, "Oh, how we've shrunk, it seems!"The tubs reply, "We're economizing our chocolate schemes!"With humor and wit, they embrace the change,Tiny tubs and roses, a comical exchange!

  7. foggyboy89's avatar
    Now down to 550grams?! Shrinking 50g every year
  8. JonCollett's avatar
    At this rate, in ten years time it'll be an empty box.
  9. DaveNovell's avatar
    I’d rather they resized these tubs up over 1 Kilo and charged £7/8 instead, at this rate the tub will be the size of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in a few years.
    Lakeside's avatar
    And a Terry's Chocolate Orange isn't even the size of an orange anymore!!!
  10. Idntkno's avatar
    Wish we had the flavours the 🇦🇺 version has, including passion fruit
    J_Staunton's avatar
  11. Wadialdoor's avatar
    Cold for me

    They shouldn't be more the £2 a tub
  12. Newbold's avatar
    The gift that shows you don’t care.
  13. Mia_Johnson's avatar

    I get so excited for these tubs cause it’s means Christmas is coming! I know I’m in the minority but still
  14. chevpot's avatar
    MY wasteline hasnt recovered from last christmas yet, or the one before yet, and before that..... (edited)
  15. BOTTOMLINE666's avatar
    This is a joke it's only the 20 of July!!!
    ThePrince's avatar
    It's actually HUKD, and pigs might fly

    Oh, what have I done???
  16. stuartc73's avatar
    This is ridiculous that there are even less this year.
    pukie.patel's avatar
    Better off buying the larger bars. It works out cheaper
  17. muniphobia's avatar
    I'm surprised they are still in plastic tubs although how they stack them in supermarket entrances they would probably fold up if they made them cardboard containers
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Or blow away in the wind without the plastic to weigh them down.
  18. 1985ak47's avatar
    Shrinkflation at it again. Weight drops by 10%
    djp2k8's avatar
    Weight gain increases by 50%
  19. tjc2005's avatar
    Usually this price for the teachers this time of the year for gifts from the kids. End of term.

    Nothing to do with Christmas. (edited)
    Dast's avatar
    How long has this offer been on for? Bit late to get before tomorrow now.
  20. JellyBaby88's avatar
    I remember when they were in tins and glass jars for Christmas.
    Newbold's avatar
    That was before Mondelez decided it was a good idea to boost their profits with cheap plastic, and sod the planet.
  21. nimbusgamer's avatar
    Wish these tubs were sold all year round! Don't understand why they're not
  22. BadBaz66's avatar
    I saw the headline and immediately thought of Miami Vice?
  23. SirThomas's avatar
    Ordered for delivery, no moaning here, cheers OP.
  24. Husla's avatar
    They have been added for Teachers appreciation but will continue towards x-mas
  25. sparky_'s avatar
    They not on mine

    They not on mine (edited)
    rrr99gp's avatar
    You can say that again.
  26. Startrek69's avatar
    They're probably left over from last Christmas check the dates, one it only had 3 weeks dates on
  27. Dast's avatar
    They’ll be £3.50 sometime before Christmas.
    Father-Jemima-Racktool's avatar
    Tree fiddy?
  28. Gbarrowman's avatar
    Cadburys is owned by Mondelez, so it’s a pass from me. 
    J_Staunton's avatar
    Have been for several years tbf
  29. fossit's avatar
    Junk 🥶
  30. weemee002's avatar
    Happy Christmas
  31. hotsir's avatar
    There out even earlier this year
    jon81uk's avatar
    It’s for last week of term. Gifts to teachers etc.
  32. Felix_1's avatar
    From 750 gm to 650 and now 4550 gm. Fingers crossed.
  33. JRSC01's avatar
  34. amrul86's avatar
    Great treat for those Teachers end of the year LOL.
  35. johnnytwohatz's avatar
    Christmas chocolates
    Must be in dire need of sales because they are being displayed in stores in July, which is unheard of.
    jon81uk's avatar
    It’s for last week of term and gifts to teachers.
  36. xJWRx's avatar
    I'm already turning into a tub so why not, to Tesco I go
  37. marshall-stephens's avatar
    They get them out early as people buy them as gifts for teachers, but the price wars will start nearer Christmas - either way I’d rather spend the money on something by else, they’re a disappointment.
  38. anthony_brownU10's avatar
    Think we have all seen through the size reduction con year after year it's easy to think you are getting a deal when what you are really getting is more packaging per 109g of product they must think we are simpletons.
  39. flex's avatar
    Check the best before dates.
    The ones in our Tesco Extra on Thursday expired mid - end January 2024 so not much point in laying by for Christmas presents unless the you know the recipient will munch the lot quick smart. If they like to save them a while then they will be past their best.
    I will wait till the offer comes back again as undoubtedly it will.
  40. Groovii.D's avatar
    Currently on TV…Merry Christmas everyone…….better keep an eye out for those pesky Flamedeer.
's avatar