Choice of over 100 DVDs "4 for £8.00" + Free Delivery @ Blah Group (i.e. Blah/Base/

Choice of over 100 DVDs "4 for £8.00" + Free Delivery @ Blah Group (i.e. Blah/Base/

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Found 25th Sep 2009Made hot 25th Sep 2009
Blah group have a sale section where you can buy 4 DVDs for just £8.00. Some are better than others, as to be expected, but there are some cracking bargains in this selection; such as City of Men; Open Range; Lord of War; The Black Dahlia; Fistful Of Dollars. There are over 100 to choose from.

Some of the better ttles available are: -

Lust Caution
Much Ado About Nothing
Stormbreaker - Alex Rider
The Ring
Black Water
Scenes Of A Sexual Nature
Open Range
Virgin Territory
City Of Men
Gosford Park
Lord Of War
Horrible Histories - Various
Racing Stripes
The Black Dahlia
The Cave
Fistful Of Dollars
Friday Night Project - Very Best Of
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
Witchfinder General
Dawn Of The Living Dead
Miami Vice
Scenes Of A Sexual Nature
Alan Carrs Now Thats What I Call A Ding Dong
Dennis The Menace And Gnasher 1
Feline Frolics - TV Fun For Your Furry Feline Friend (had to add this one LOL)
Jim Hensons Fraggle Rock
River Queen
A Star Is Born




Nice one - got Hannibal, Fistful Of Dollars, Much Ado About Nothing and Lust Caution for £8 delivered.

And 32 Ipoints - Hot hot hot from me :-D

Witchfinder General is a great, disturbing cult classic - worth £8 on its own.

thxs for the info

Plenty of great movies dirt cheap. Heat added! However, I got most of them already.

Hot, although not many great titles to choose from.

Having said that the only one to catch my eye is Inhumanoids. Anyone who was an 80's child like me should remember it. And for £2.87 for 2 Discs is great value.

Shame it only ran for one season.

Thanks for spotting this, some goodies in there...

£8 for 4 DVDs is a great deal even if the films are pretty average! Now where are the great Bly Ray deals...

Thanks for posting this - I got "Lust Caution", "Shortbus", "Stormbreaker" and "Imagine Me And You". Even if one of them turns out to be a rubbish movie (and reviews suggest that they're all good), it's still a decent deal. I used - whom I've ordered from before - and got them sent to my work address for's always nice to be able to do that for those of who actually work :-)

Very hot :thumbsup: £2 for some of these is a bargain- Lord of War, Open Range, Exorcism of Emily Rose etc

These are either crappy films or films with Blu-ray versions out there!

This a sign of these companies (or company -I assume all the debt is with one) going out of business?

Much of this stock will be "sale or return" so it might be a way of ringing a few pence out of it.
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