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Monopoly tea gift set £2.25 @ choice
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Posted 5th May 2014Posted 5th May 2014
Monopoly tea gift set £2.25 @ choice£2.25
Not bad for mug coaster and tea tray :)

3.99 shipping

I use my green bin for used tea bags.


Good idea :)


we just use the tray next to the kettle for used tea bags - it's not fit for carrying cups


Was for half of that price at Dunelm not long time ago. Tray is tiny tho

Nike Celtic FC Baby Away Kit - Only £9 Delivered @ Choice (Littlewoods)
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Posted 20th Apr 2011Posted 20th Apr 2011
Nike Celtic FC Baby Away Kit - Only £9 Delivered @ Choice (Littlewoods)£9
This is a 3-piece set featuring football shirt, football shorts and football socks.
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Decent price if it has free delivery


these normally cost a BOMB


chavtastic!!,only joking,moronic more like.


nah just another sister company, like bargain crazy, very etc...


Littlewoods changed there name again ffs

Top Class 5-Pocket Western Trousers (2 pack) Black or Grey £5 @ Choice
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Posted 12th Feb 2011Posted 12th Feb 2011
Top Class 5-Pocket Western Trousers (2 pack) Black or Grey £5 @ Choice £5
I think they might be for boys, but got my daughter some for school and she looks ok in them . Age 7 to 16 years. Adjustable waist up to age 10. Cool iron. Teflon-coated for dur… Read more

I did order her somemore in a bigger size and they are great, they are school trousers and they don't look cheap . But they are £17 now .


Basically yeah. I voted HOT however


Would be nice if the people voting this cold give a reason, they are childrens trousers at £2.50 a pair . I guess some people just vote cold for the sake of it .


Thanks , why are people voting it cold, what do they want for £5.00.


Great price for spare school trousers, can't beat it. Thanks OP :)

Orange San Francisco AMOLED White @ (Littlewoods)
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Posted 11th Feb 2011Posted 11th Feb 2011
Orange San Francisco AMOLED White @ (Littlewoods)£119.99
Described as the AMOLED version within the description. Price includes the £10 orange top-up. Free delivery. Granted its still nearly £120, but if you want the LED version, then th… Read more

think there are some OLED ones left (dont think there white ones though) got one from Very in january for £99 inc £10 orange call credit less 8% quidco and 10% first purchase discount and was suprised find it was OLED and not TFT .The OLED are going for quite a lot on ebay


got this phhone on tuesday its a good phone the only prob is the icons are to small how do i make them bigger


Already clicked the expire button, as soon as your comment appeared. Seems to be taking its time :| Have a TFT version, and it does look good. Great little phone for the money.


No problem - we can all but live and learn. The TFT model is still damn fine (from personal experience) although clearly the now almost certainly 'long gone' early-days grey AMOLED ones are best. Good idea to expire before more criticism... MKD


That I did not realise. Definitely should not take descriptions at face value. Thanks for the insight. (_;)

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Posted 18th Jan 2011Posted 18th Jan 2011
came across this & thought it's cheap....Black, Pink or Blue
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hecticc the bags can be found on the link above at sports direct


work for sportsdirect and they are only £2.49 in pink,black,white,brown,purple,blue but i think these are going down to £1.99 due to poor seller


well for the people that haven't got an adidas store near them, think its a good deal


me neither, don't think i've seen one


There is an Adidas store at Gunwharf in Portsmouth

LG 47" 3DTV LX6900EDGE £999 @ Choice
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Posted 5th Jan 2011Posted 5th Jan 2011
LG 47" 3DTV LX6900EDGE £999 @ Choice £999
£1499 on some Littlewoods sites, but £999 at Choice (Cat no PY7541F) Resolution 1920x1080. Contrast ratio 8,000,000:1. 200Hz. Game, Sport, Cinema modes. HDMI x3. SCART x 1. LG's b… Read more

isnt this the first 3d tv ever, old tech matey


Dont know why its cold, if you dont need to use a code to get it at £999, then this is a great deal. 3D LED TV for £999 Unless LG are crap with 3D or LED?


why cold? sorry is it cheaper elsewhere? cheapest i could find was £1100+ ??

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Top Class Boys Flat Front Trousers (pack of 2) from Choice
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Posted 1st Jan 2011Posted 1st Jan 2011
Top Class Boys Flat Front Trousers (pack of 2) from Choice£2
Our pack of 2 flat front trousers is ideal for every day wear at school, and suited for playground activities. Smart enough for school uniform, these boy's trousers are coated wit… Read more

Expired now, was on sale yesterday I got some.


Which ones are only £2 as there are millions of possibilities showing, but all seem to be from £12

Computer Desk £26 Delivered (Choice)
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Posted 30th Dec 2010Posted 30th Dec 2010
Computer Desk £26 Delivered (Choice)£26
just seen this thought its a bargain! A cabinet computer workstation with a swivel action door that opens out to reveal the complete home office desk. Pull out keyboard shelf on m… Read more
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It's finally here.Taken me ages to assemble but a real bargain.well worth the wait.

Got another call to say its coming friday


I received my desk on Monday morning.... Competed it within 1h. Looks great. Wery vell packed, and easy to assembly, very good quality, worth at least £100 I would say. A little to big than I expected, but very pleased with it.


I got a call last week to say unfdortunately it was out of stock and they would refund me the money- which they have... ah well , nothinh ventured, nothing gained. Having just moved into a new house it still leaves me on the lookout for a new computer desk though :)

Good luck but don't hold yer breath

Ben & Holly's Little Castle Magical Playset £26.00 delivered @
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Posted 12th Dec 2010Posted 12th Dec 2010
Ben & Holly's Little Castle Magical Playset £26.00 delivered @£26
Couple of pounds saved :) 1st post so sorry if cheaper elsewhere.... Hope this helps someone
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Got my daughter this for her birthday and I have to say she loves it. However as reviews state its not very durable, she broke the stairs and the stickers are really fiddly to stick on.


the reviews are awful, i was going to buy it my daughter when i first saw it a few months back, decided against it when read the reviews.


My little girl would love this but it gets really awful reviews for durability so I daren't buy it for her, even though she's very gentle. Shame. Apparently they are redesigning it to make it stronger as the stairs and characters break really easily.


Just checked at my local Tesco, still the same price, but has got it for 24.99, hope it helps


Tescos copdock ipswich.....3 left on shelf yesterday...

Monty Python Almost Everything Box Set £18 @ (littlewoods)
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Posted 29th Nov 2010Posted 29th Nov 2010
Monty Python Almost Everything Box Set £18 @ (littlewoods)£18
A good 15/16 quid cheaper than anywhere else i could find! (make sure to select pay by credit/debit card from the payment options on the product screen, otherwise it'll default to … Read more

Gone up to £20


he's just a very naughty op X)


ecxcellent plus 8% quidco , at all the variants littlewoods very is £2 less but 3.95 post unless you have a free del code


Great deal - these guys aren't known for decent prices so get in while you can


I cant believe this isnt hotter, then again cowkiller is not the messiah.... :)

Choice Sale Upto 60% Off + Free Delivery & Returns + Quidco
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Posted 23rd Mar 2010Posted 23rd Mar 2010
Choice Sale Upto 60% Off + Free Delivery & Returns + Quidco
Choice SALE Now On Upto 60% Off + 8% Qudico: * Save Upto 60% on Mens * Save Upto 60% on Womens * Save Upto 50% on Kids * Save Upto 50% on Electrical * Save Upto 40% on Home Also … Read more
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Voted cold. Cheaper prices at Very, Additions & Marshall ward for the same items

Ladies South 2-in-1 Embroidered Top & Shrug Cardigan Only £10 Delivered @ Choice + Quidco
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Posted 23rd Mar 2010Posted 23rd Mar 2010
Ladies South 2-in-1 Embroidered Top & Shrug Cardigan Only £10 Delivered @ Choice + Quidco£10
Was £25, Now £10 Saving £15!!! + Quidco Choice of 3 Colours: Black, blue or oatmeal-marl. This beautifully embroidered top comes as a 2-in-1 insert with a fantastic knitted shru… Read more
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Toddler Girls Nike Tradition V Trainers £6 At Choice
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Posted 20th Jan 2010Posted 20th Jan 2010
Toddler Girls Nike Tradition V Trainers £6 At Choice£6
Upper: Leather. Lining and sock: Textile. Sole: Other materials. White/pink. Were £28 Free delivery!
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Guessing this is expired then!


"Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. Please remove it from your basket." :-(


load of rubbish all out of stock useless website only tells you when you get to the checkout


They only tell you it's out of stock after you have filled in all your details, it's a rouse to get your email/name and address to send you junk mail


None of the sizes are in stock even though it is showing as available! ;-)

iCarly Wii Game only £12 delivered at Choice, Kays, Littlewoods etc
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Posted 13th Jan 2010Posted 13th Jan 2010
iCarly Wii Game only £12 delivered at Choice, Kays, Littlewoods etc£12
Multiplayer mode that allows you to enjoy your iCarly experience with up to 3 of your friends for an even more awesome time Full character integration from show featuring Carly, Sa… Read more
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Mine arrived this morning and only ordered 2 days ago! Very suprised as everything takes age to arrive where i live


good deal, if buying more than 2 copies then will be better to buy from Very and pay delivery as they are £9 each there, and will work out to around £11 each delivered. Unless you have a free delivery code.

Taylor & Reece shirt and tie set Was £30, Now £7.50 @ Choice
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Posted 6th Jan 2010Posted 6th Jan 2010
Taylor & Reece shirt and tie set Was £30, Now £7.50 @ Choice£7.50
Very good price for a shirt and tie set. Oxford shirt with standard collar and cuff. 70% cotton, 30% polyester. Tie: Polyester. Machine washable. Lilac

Polyester no ta


Sorry OP, but if you've ever seen the quality of Taylor & Reece stuff, you'll know It's truly awful. 100% cotton shirt and a silk tie and it's a deal... This is going to look really cheap folks as in visible man nipples.

Love Label Vixen Shoes Was £30, now £6 sizes 3-8 @ Choice, Littlewoods etc
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Posted 16th Jul 2009Posted 16th Jul 2009
Love Label Vixen Shoes Was £30, now £6 sizes 3-8 @ Choice, Littlewoods etc£6
i am a bloke, but they seem a good price ?? just looking through latest offers !! Item code: CR517

Mine just arrived,they look even better than the pic,i'm well happy,i feel a new avatar coming on:-D Thanks again OP:thumbsup:


Sexy looking shoes.


They are OOS at Choices and Empire now.


not if you have an account, its free


I've just ordered them from Empire,thank you!! Although i'm trying to downsize and its the 3rd pair of shoes ive bought in the last two weeks:w00t:

Interactive Cricket TV Game with bat etc Was £45, now £15.50 @ Littlewoods, Choice, Kays etc
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Posted 6th Jul 2009Posted 6th Jul 2009
Interactive Cricket TV Game with bat etc Was £45, now £15.50 @ Littlewoods, Choice, Kays etc£15.50
Unique bat and ball controllers so you control the game! Play a 1 day Test Match, a 5 day Test Match or a world tournament. Plugs directly into your TV or VCR. VCR, who has one of… Read more

Not a very good game according to my (then) 14 year old. Ok price...not worth ANY more than that. I'm not voting either way.


still showing available ??


Sold Out


:w00t: See also the deals on TVs. Looks like you might need one after playing this game!


Not bad price I guess. Though bought one these in January sales for £10 and haven't used since. Bit duff really!!

Ladies Nike Cinteo Sandals £7.00 Delivered + 8% Quidco
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Posted 5th May 2009Posted 5th May 2009
Ladies Nike Cinteo Sandals £7.00 Delivered + 8% Quidco£7
Nike "Cinteo Superheel Plus" toe post sandals Was £19 now £7. Several sizes still in Stock. Available in Black and Sky Blue/Lime

]£6 at Littlewoods Direct But no free delivery

Nicky Clarke NCG26 Hairdryer & Straighteners Set Was £90 (?!) now £22.50 @ Choice
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Posted 8th Jan 2009Posted 8th Jan 2009
Nicky Clarke NCG26 Hairdryer & Straighteners Set Was £90 (?!) now £22.50 @ Choice£22.50
Looks like a decent set, was just in the market for a new 2000w dryer when I came across this, plus 8% quidco. Can't see it cheaper anywhere else but feel free to check. Dryer: 20… Read more
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I personally prefer the Karmin G3 Salon Pro which has tourmaline ceramic plates that cause less damage and keeps my hair soft, shiny and very straight. Luv it :P

Miss Sixty 'Nevada' Over Knee Stirrup Socks £16 for pack of 5 @ Choice, RRP £15 PER PAIR!!
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Posted 29th Dec 2008Posted 29th Dec 2008
Miss Sixty 'Nevada' Over Knee Stirrup Socks £16 for pack of 5 @ Choice, RRP £15 PER PAIR!!£3.20
At first glance this seems expensive for a pack of 5 pairs of socks, but consider that ASOS currently have them saled at £6 PER PAIR plus their ridiculous postage, it could be wort… Read more
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Lady or Man or BOTH! Cast your votes now whoever gets the answer correct will go into a draw to see who wins a date with!:w00t: IT looks like a Nazi!


Thats a bargin :-D


will do haha :w00t:


:-D:roll: woof woof should go nice with a black leather mini skirt!


....with the pvc beanbag....! :-D