Choke (Rickson Gracie) (DVD) - £2.99 @ Amazon

Choke (Rickson Gracie) (DVD) - £2.99 @ Amazon

Found 30th Apr 2011
An oldie but a goody. He's an absolute legend.

Taken from a review on Amazon

Choke is an account of Rickson Gracie's rise to stardom in Japan during the second Vale tudo Japan tournament. He arives at the tournament as the reigning champion from the previous year and Choke delivers an insiders point of view of what happened. There are interviews and footage of family members including the late Helio Gracie (Rickson's father and pioneer of Gracie jiu-jitsu)regarding training and ability of the undefeated champion. This film is not in the same tone of "The smashing machine",which envokes an emotional link with the fighter. Choke is just a behind the scenes look at what happened in the build up and at the time of Rickson's peak in MMA.

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