Choose from 6 FREE Weight Loss Supplement Samples from RDay

Choose from 6 FREE Weight Loss Supplement Samples from RDay

Found 19th Mar 2008
Right before any of your have a go at me i was sent this as an email, I have ordered so we'll see what turns up but please don't be nasty to me, you never know this could be useful to at least one of you.

RDay provides quality weight management supplements to help you control your weight. Receive your choice of 6 FREE 4 day weight management samples from RDay. Pick your sample from the drop down box and then click order.Repaet this process to order upto 6 samples. You don't need to put your payment details because they are FREE. Proceed thru the checkout process to complete your sample request and receive your RDay weight management supplement.
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Sorry voted cold, for what I hope is obvious reasons
I don't think people should post things like this on here. This is a family friendly site and I don't think that this is good when everyday you hear in the news about eating disorders. Sorry but they are my personal views.
:oops:Sorry To All Users!:oops:
So so cold

So so cold

SO SO SO SORRY :oops::oops::oops::oops:
naughty pinkmelonsmr2 for posting this :x
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