Christian Dior J'adore Perfume Gift Set - £65 instore and online at Boots 

Christian Dior J'adore Perfume Gift Set - £65 instore and online at Boots 

Found 19th Dec 2011
Super bargain. If you're only used to buying your perfumes from Poundland, please just move onto the next deal.

One 50ml EDP bottle usually costs £60-65 on it's own. 

This set contains 50ml EDP, 50ml Body Milk, 50ml Shower Gel and a Dior pouchy thing to put them in or use as a make-up bag. If you bought all 3 separately would cost £130.50. So you save: £65.50.

This is proper perfume as well and not that eau de toilet crap which wears off after 5 mins. 

Also it's a big size too, so if you're giving it as a gift the recipient won't think 'oh that cheapskate only got me the smallest 30ml size, tightfisted barsteward' and then you'll be in the doghouse over Christmas and no-one wants to be in the doghouse over Christmas, not even the poor dog.

This stuff smells amazing. Buy it for that special lady in your life, who knows, you may get lucky!*

*Please note: I accept no responsibility if you don't get lucky. Also note that Charlize Theron is not included in this deal
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left this page open on hubbys laptop? one lives in hope (_;)
I wasn't too impressed with this scent, but that is a decent price for those that like it.
I get that it's a good bargain and voted accordingly but bloomin eck it's overpriced in the first place. Look at the ingredients for the shower gel and body milk, they're nothing better than Dove, Nivea etc.

Cracking offer, hot.
Love this purfume
Ditto over rated. Prefer marc jacobs lola
Lol @ all the Poundland customers voting cold X)

Anyway, as long as it benefits someone it's all good

@carltonbp - true, however same could be said for every single premium branded perfume items.

@spicy_gal - pleased for you that you like Marc Jacobs, however what's that got to do with anything? X)

Ditto over rated. Prefer marc jacobs lola

A few I know who have smelled this don't like it, but love J'Adore. And I'm a bloke and I really like the smell of J'Adore... on a woman of course!

I disagree with it being overrated.

Good deal
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