Christin Lars Gold plated watch - £52.98 @ Bid.TV

Christin Lars Gold plated watch - £52.98 @ Bid.TV

Found 28th Jun 2012
Amazing quality watch on's website. told it is one of the world's leading brands by their presenters. only £44.99 plus £7.99 p&p
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"world's leading brands".....
It seems like everyone knows about them:…ars
If there would be a "" website than this would probably be acceptable...
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One of the worlds leading brands, sold just where other than shopping channels ? At £1 it might be a bargain but at £52.98 it isn't .... probably has a cheap Japanese movement
did you buy one??
I was watching a shopping channel once and they stupidity took the camera right up close to the watch they were selling for a macro view of it. The watch looked pure crap with a poor finish and a horrible cheap face. Some of the products they sell on these channels are truly awful.
Tacky and tasteless
are you saying their presenters were telling porkies by saying that Christin lars was a "world leading brand" well well!
nice wind up Flint work a treat!
lol yeah know the brand well, up there with rolex, tag and omega
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