Christina Aguilera Perfume Sample
Christina Aguilera Perfume Sample

Christina Aguilera Perfume Sample

Christina Aguilera INSPIRE brings a little of her self-assured confidence and sexiness to every woman's life. The fragrance will remind you not to drift along with the crowd, but will inspire you to stand up for what you believe in and strive for your dreams. The fragrance celebrates being a woman, full of femininity and fun. Be inspired, be sexy and be exactly who you want to be.
Christina Aguilera Signature Fragrance


Great thanks

Ordered one for my daughter thanks.

Thanks mate, ordered one, heat and rep added

could some one please post the link....
as the link given doesnt open....

already posted methinks! :oops:

Thanks - ordered for the girlfriend. It's for us guys really though, we're the ones that have to smell it!


thanks, voted hot:-D

I hate these post cards,,,,,suppose its the credit crunch....where have all the real samples gone?? :x

Great smelling perfume, love samples. Voted Hot!

But Christina Aguilera always looks like she'd smell like sweat......

Nonetheless a good deal :thumbsup:
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