Christmas 3 hour sale on now at Dixons
Christmas 3 hour sale on now at Dixons

Christmas 3 hour sale on now at Dixons

Chirstmas sale 3 hour sale on now.10% discounts on all orders between 3pm to 6pm today.
Use voucher code at checkout CHRISTMAS10


I wish I had some money!

makes the 16Gb iPod touch £215.10, less 3% via Egg/Quidco.
Comes in at £208.65!!!

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the deal really works if u buy something really big.kinda laptop or a telivision


£360 for this 32 inch … £360 for this 32 inch tosh!http://www.dixons.co.uk/martprd/store/dix_page.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0991778934.1198598966@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdhaddmlfdjdelcflgceggdhhmdfoj.0&page=Accessory&sku=417065

Minus 3% Quidco, making it just less than £350

Just got a Dyson Stowaway (DC20) for £161 with their deal, the discount and a cheeky bit of Quidco on the side as well.

Thank you, no more dirty carpets in our house!

3% using a egg card

This looks good if you can't stretch to an touch screen Ipod ]http//ww…337 just £69.99

This too. An Braun D30 Oral-B toothbrush kit for £49.99 ]http//ww…...

This Curtis mp3 player looks good, does anyone know what its capacity is ?

tom tom 520 with traffic updates 196 delivered ! cheapest ive seen on net -

Just ordered a 16GB Ipod Touch, what a bargin

Just ordered Tom tom One XL GB for £122.39 delivered.
Thanks to Op. Heat & Rep added.


Minus 3% Quidco, making it just less than £350

I kept looking at this tv glad i waited now

Never bought anything - don't really NEED anything - would LIKE lots of things though....

Thanks for this... Just got in in time. £139.49 for a Humax PVR less Quidco (3%? Not sure what category a PVR is for Quidco) less possible 3% on Egg card fingers crossed.

just got a ps3 for £234 using quidco and egg card


Just ordered a Samsung LE26R88BDX for the bedroom, got it for well under 350 once you include quidco (also used my egg card as well but not sure if you can do both) which is less than i almost paid for a refurb of this set from DABS

do you still need to use a link from egg to get cashback or just the card to recieve it? Tried looking for an answer but Egg website just has a link straight to dixons no info. this is the link on the image for dixons on egg site new.egg.com/com…gif

How do you do Egg and Quidco?
I thought you had to click through Egg - can't do that and Quidco can you?

Just ordered an 80gb ipod classic - got it for £129.60

Ordered the tosh LCD tv. Great deal with the 10% voucher, and quidco is a bonus if it comes through.

Heat and rep added.

Micah beat me to it.

Christmas10 Code still working BTW.

Cheers,code still working an ipod classic for £129 and quidco as well,top deal!

you go via quidco for 3% your egg is automaticly deducted ive done it loads of times although the quidco is taken off the price before vat so the total you pay will be slightly higher

Lol Same, ordered the ipod 80gb classic for £129. Was going to get it as a gift but asked the equivalent monatary value, now can get some decent headphones, the shure e2c any good?
Just dont get quidco.

Must be the shortest sale in history.

Best of luck getting this bunch to actually deliver and you will need to pray that you don't need to speak to their client support department if it doesn't turn up - I ordered the 500gb Maxtor one-touch from PCW on the 8th December, I have spent over an hour waiting for them to answer the phone then gave up and have sent numerous e-mails - still no drive Aaaaargh! - IMO they should just stick to the high-street.:whistling:

Just ordered TOSHIBA EQUIUM A2001VO with 10% discount code for £359 and 2.5% Quidco will give me further £7 off.

Now expired .... :oops:

Just tried to order, now expired


Just tried to order, now expired

thats because it was 3 hours 3-6pm mate:thumbsup:


thats because it was 3 hours 3-6pm mate:thumbsup:

That may not be true as I managed to get an order in well after 7pm for an 80gb Ipod and £129, by entering the code in rather than having DIxons automatcally deduct the 10% at checkout, unless the deal is meant to be 10% from Dixons at checkout on top of entering the code.

Anyway, I'm sorted so it's voted hot from me.:thumbsup:

I just added a 30gb refurbished ipopd video to basket

Went to checkout and this appeared

10% off all orders from 3.00pm to 6.00pm Xmas day only £9.90

But even though it states on this line that discount ends at 6pm, it still takes 10% of total price

Sub Total (excludes delivery) £89.10

Don`t understand why it is doing this. If I buy at lower price, will I get it at that price

Edit: had to go out, register and go back in and it didn`t happen this time

Cheers - got me six quid off a printer earlier

That curtis player supports MiniSD & plays avi & FLV.

Cheers OP-got nearly £100 off yesterday.
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