Christmas Advent Calendars! At Asda 10p

Christmas Advent Calendars! At Asda 10p

Found 11th Dec 2010
Thomas the tank engine and doctor who advent calendars only 10p at Asda.

Just in time for Christmas!!
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Please tell me you wouldnt give an advent calender as a crimbo present?
Not store specific is the Walkers Crisps no one can get??
was in asda beddington today and got extra one for my son and they charged me 50p
For 10p I'd get a few and empty the chocolates out onto a crimbo plate for the kids for Christmas morning!
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Please tell me you wouldnt give an advent calender as a crimbo present?

Bit late its the 11th supposed to give them for the 1st!
not in my asda either
As opposed to Easter advent calendars?

Or St Patrick's Day advent calendars? That's actually just a 24 pack of Guiness.
I've got a calendar from 2008 I can sell you cheap as well
None for 10p at my local store.
Bearing in mind the idea of an advent calendar is to open 1 door a day from Dec 1st it would seem a bit pointless getting any when almost 1/2 of the doors should already be open.
OK for the chocolate alone I suppose, but even that isn't very good quality.
Handy for Xmas 2011

Handy for Xmas 2011

True, but handily for the makers they have a best before of Nov 2011!
I'm sure they would be fine though.
Hot if you manage to get some.
They must have had at least 100 on the shelf at ASDA Isle of Dogs on Wednesday.

Down by where long life milk is kept.

Was no price ticket there at the time, but there were loads...
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