Christmas chicken nuggets - £1 @ ASDA

Christmas chicken nuggets - £1 @ ASDA

Found 6th Dec 2016
in party food section! fun for the kids on lead up to Christmas.. £1 per box


**** food is cheap because it's ****

Not really a deal as that's the normal price?

Cold... not Reindeer shaped!

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half the **** on here aint a deal its just a good price or fun product.. its not a normal price as they don't sell Christmas tree nuggets all year through..

Thanks OP going to pick some of these up for a kids party I have.
Granted not a deal but it's in the spirit of the time of year and people may be interested! If you're not just move along!

Why cold ???
Ohhh maybe cos they not kosher

yuk...all that carcus muck

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if u dont like it just move on jeez! pipe down ur opinion is not that important X)
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