Christmas Chocolate now from 5p @ Morrisons

Christmas Chocolate now from 5p @ Morrisons

Found 10th Jan 2011Made hot 10th Jan 2011
I know some selection boxes have already been posted but just thought I'd let you know that Christmas Wishes are now just 5p, Santa Kitkats 5p, Cadbury Snow Bites and their own brand of snow ball are just 10p per pack, Toblerone Tiny (big triangle box) £1.19 and dated until Oct 2011 Guylian Opus £1.20 Christmas tree chocs including Cadbury 10p Hello Kitty jellies and tree decs 49p and Kinnerton boxes of little choc figures 10p. Great way to start the diet!! (but got plenty as cheaper than buying choc biscuits for the pack lunch boxes x



woh oO

The snow bites are yummy :-o

lol great i got 70!!! Cadbury's Wishes stars today at my local Morrisons!!
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