Christmas (?) Clearance TescoIn-store,  items from 0.10p!!

Christmas (?) Clearance TescoIn-store, items from 0.10p!!

Found 20th Jan 2010
In store at Carmarthen Tesco today they had their usual Christmas clearance aisle but also lots of other stuff all with manager special labels on. I overheard a staff member telling a customer she knew tha everything had to be sold or it was being skipped and that they were putting new stuff out as it sold.

Examples: Fathers day wine or gift bags 10p
Foldable crates 50p
Large stand up garden bag 70p
Stocking 11p
Stand and pour freezer bags 30p
Candle with stand 30p
4 x photo baubles £1
Rocking horse £15
Kitchen bin (50l I think) £4

Anyway not a deal as such but definate bargains to be had, I'd have got more but already filled up mine with clothes from that sale!! First deal I've posted so hope this is right!

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tesco blackpool got 10 x sensodyne 75ml for 50 p each amangers special aisle
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