christmas elf outfit 19p @ JTF

christmas elf outfit 19p @ JTF

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unisex christmas elf outfit reduced from £11.99 to 19p in JTF christmas clearance also children's nativity outfits reduced Mary. Joseph. king...etc!!!

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Preston warehouse

What is JTF please

Nice find op, heat added

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jtf is a discount warehouse store ranging from clothes toiletries alcohol furniture tools cosmetics food electrical bathroom appliances etc etc it's free to join but some items require 20% vat adding to them

Is it a one off store or are they a national chain? thanks

Looks like a Jester to me lol
Good deal!


Is it a one off store or are they a national chain? thanks

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good price

Thanks heat added.


no stores near me

Heat all the same

Cant go wrong heat from me

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there's a few stores but not many

You never see any Jesus outfits? oO Hope I don't get struck down.

None near me so cold


Tell me you didn't buy this. please, please!!

Never heard of JTF
A new site to look at Cheers

JTF? WTF? Never heard of them, mostly Northern by the looks of it. Still waiting for Pound Bakery to come down south!

Good deal though, heat added.

Eeh up I'm right northern I am this is reet up mahh Street, chee'urs op eh member t'joke GARRRRLIC bread elf!!

Do you have to be a business to join?


Do you have to be a business to join?

year ago was business only. now open to everyone


None near me so cold

why vote cold? its not OP's fault there is no store where you live. you can't deny its a cracking price... heat from me... and there is no store near me either!

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these stores are available to anyone and have sales on all year round it's Christmas I thought these outfits were an absolute bargain for anyone in christmas spirit looking for an outfit to wear-the idea of this website it too vote for things that are of good value to people not too vote cold for distance is store or if something is out of stock after all its always gonna be first come first serve and if we are lucky enough to get the bargain merry Christmas everyone Enjoy stay safe

No stores around by me, but great bargain!!

Great bargain





Still haven't got a hang of this yoof text speak, have you?

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