Christmas fillers, xbox 360 games under a fiver @ CEX

Christmas fillers, xbox 360 games under a fiver @ CEX

Found 23rd Nov 2009Made hot 23rd Nov 2009
Right dont say i never do anything for you guys....

Listed below are all the 360 games at CEX that are under a fiver, all are preowned and can be had instore. Delivery is free onlne.

See next post as easier on the eye


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Games under a fiver

Pes 6 £1 - 143 online

FIFA 07 £1.50 - 216 online
FIFA 06 RTWC £1.50 - 20 Online
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 £1.50 - 239 online

£2 Games
Fifa 08 - 343 Online
UEFA Champions League 07 - 25 online
Football Manager 2006 - 15 online
Fifa World Cup - Germany 2006 - 22 online

£3 Games
Table Tennis - 24 online
UEFA Euro 2008 - 42 online
Tiger Woods 2006 - 16 online
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - 71 online
Too Human - 6 online
Project Gotham Racing 3 - 155 online
Championship Manager 2007 - 12 online
Prey - 24 online

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 £3.50 - 130 online

£4 Games
Chrome Hounds - 25 online
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter - 147 online
Kengo Zero - 5 online
Bullet Witch - 14 online
NHL 08 - 10 online
Phantasy Star Universe - 7 online
Madden 06 - 12 online
Madden NFL 07 - 32 online
Golden Compass - 48 online
Stranglehold - 146 online
Darkness - 114 online
Fuzion Frenzy 2 - 44 online
Sega Superstar Tennis - 275 online
Dead Or Alive Extreme 2 - 5 online
NBA Live 07 - 11 online
The Club - 78 online
Tomb Raider Legend - 62 online
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2009 - 189 online

£5 Games
Jumper - 18 online
Beijing 2008 - 158 Online
Don King Presents: Prizefighter - 52 online
Blue Dragon - 43 online
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 - 78
Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian - 30 online
Dark sector - 61 online
Stormrise - 25 online
Condemned - 54 online
Golden Axe: Beast Rider - 26 online
Tomb Raider - Underworld - 152 online
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 - 92 online
Madden NFL 08 - 18 online
Pirates Of The Caribbean - At Worlds End - 35 online
NFL Tour - 13 online
Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia - 13 online
NBA Ballers - 2 online
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 - 77 online
Viva Pi�ata - Party Animals - 17 online
Lost Planet - 131 online

nice, some real bargains there

bullet witch is a great price and well underrated

Heated and repped for effort alone! Hot deal, cheers. May have to pickup Fifa '08 or PES 09 at that price, I'm still on PES '08. Any recommendations please?

scratched discs,missing instruction manuals,I personally wouldn,t recommend cex for xmas presents


scratched discs,missing instruction manuals,I personally wouldn,t … scratched discs,missing instruction manuals,I personally wouldn,t recommend cex for xmas presents

i never had an issue,12 months warranty too

cheers! Jst picked up Too Human, Prey, The club and Stranglehold! 14quid delivered bargain!

Lost Planet stands out as probably being the best of the bunch. Ghost Recon is good, but a bit old.

The website has just died. probably trouble with their database

FIFA 09 is also £4

What a great post!

Can't get through to checkout either atm!

Rockstar Table Tennis (IGN 7.8/10) and Prey (IGN 9.0/10) for £3 :O

Those two are particularly good value.

fira 09 -£4
PGr4 £6

Nice one Starr, just picked up a couple of cheapies.

dont think the site is working at the moment as it wont list games

I got sent Tony Hawk Underground without a manual and recieved The Getaway 2:Black monday game disc in the Getaway 1's box (i wanted Getaway 1)

I emailed CEX and they told me to return the disc with a note of my problems and expect a response within 28 days.

That was 6 months ago.

Added heat and rep simply for the effort - some pretty good games from that list.

Heat added for the effort!

There are some bargains there, but I would go and get them in the shop.

If you order online from them they just send you the dodgy copies covered in scratches that they wouldn't dare sell in store!

In store, I always ask to see the disc, and try to get the best one. They love me in there!! :-D

BTW I have been playign FIFA 09 to death. Think I may give pro evo a chance at that price!

Bought a 360 game online from them once, got sent the PC version in a 360 box. Never will I use this service again......

Damn some of the stories I'm hearing here are terrible! I haven't ordered online and I don't think I will bother, there's a store in Bedford where I go 3 days a week for college anyway so I can go there.

I bought UEFA Champions League from there before and it came without a manual, I wasn't too fussed but I thought I'd go back and see if they had one. The guy checked and didn't, I left slightly unhappy but overall not really bothered.

the problems with ordering are few and far between. ive probably gotten a good 500 items, maybe even more from them over the years and only had problems a few times, maybe 4 or 5. so around 1% of orders are affected.

as for no manuals with your games, you cant expect that with 2nd hand. they dont discriminate like other places when it comes to games having manuals.

anyway its a good list, but a few people have been doing it, and actually im annoyed as i ordered some of these games and my order couldnt be processed, no doubt people buying on here, even though i ordered some time before these posts came up.

now i have to check every day to try and get my orders done, as i have vouchers i cant seem to get used as nothing is in stock after buying.

what list of games ? from what i can see they're are games on there for £1 too, nothing new in this...

I doubt anyone is thinking of buying 'Chrome Hounds' from this list but just in case you are, don't. Apparently the online servers are being switched off for this game in January so there'll be no online play which makes the game pretty pointless.

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what list of games ? from what i can see they're are games on there for … what list of games ? from what i can see they're are games on there for £1 too, nothing new in this...

The huge list is post 2 :roll:

There is only 1 £1 game which is pes 6

Hope this "deal" has helped a few

All of these comments about going into the store to get better copies is nonsense!

I went in today for PES 2009 (thanks OP) and was suprised that the girl behind the desk didn't show me the disc which they normally do. I asked and was pretty norked to see that it looked like someone had eaten their breakfast off it. "Oh yeah, they're all pretty badly scratched like that" she said cooly.

I politely asked her to look through each copy and find the best one, knowing they'd likely have tens of copies in stock.:whistling:

Oh, and the best experience I ever had with Cex was when I bought a phone from them. I was assured that the phone came with a hands-free kit and spare battery in the box, and a cursory glance showed that it did. When I got home I realised that the spare battery was for a Motorola Razr (I had bought a HTC TyTn). I took the battery back and asked for the correct one, or a reimbursement of the value of the battery and was told that the phone was sold with a spare battery and it came with one so they ween't going to do anything about it. I've not spent any reasonable amount of money there since.

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Anyone had anything delivered? Long shot but just asking


Anyone had anything delivered? Long shot but just asking

Yep I've had all my orders delivered :thumbsup:

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Yep I've had all my orders delivered :thumbsup:

Great, thanks :thumbsup:
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