Christmas me to you £1.99 Home bargains

Christmas me to you £1.99 Home bargains

Found 16th Oct 2016Made hot 16th Oct 2016
They had the oven glove and apron set for £1.99 small bear (with hat) £1.49 medium bear (gingerbread man t-shirt) £1.99 and a larger one for £2.99


Seen these in Ashton,quality prices. Good old home bargains,got the larger Santa one £2.99

good find op, heat added

I got the apron/oven glove the other day. All ready for the hectic dinner preparation.
Will bring round of laughter when my husband puts on the apron To wash up too.

great find! will look in my local home bargains tomorrow! thank op

Oh I love these bears. That is a great price. Oh I will have to go in for a wee nosey tommorow xxx

What's this say to your wife if you give them as a present? "Go back to the kitchen, love"...?

Thought this was a Chuckle Brothers Christmas special DVD. Cold.

Do not - ANYBODY - give me a pair of oven gloves as a Christmas present. not even as a joke

It's the thought that counts at Christmas remember! This is exactly the type of thing that my 9 year old would buy me with is pocket money and I would be delighted.

Well I don't have any nine year old boys (or girls) so its a moot point
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