Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday Free at Game

Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday Free at Game

Found 19th Nov 2015
Want to experience Black Friday without leaving the house.. Available on Mac and PC

The year's darkest day is upon us. Black Friday is coming, and shopping centres everywhere are preparing for stampedes, gouging and petty vandalism, all in the name of hot bargains.

But are you prepared? No. Probably not. But don't worry, Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday is here. We can train you, whoever you are. (Unless you don't have a computer, the correct operating systems, or any gaming ability. Then you're on your own.)

Sharpen your elbows and your Black Friday bargain grasping skills, as you're let loose in our nearly improved mall!

Laboriously work through dozens of missions and challenges! Long past the point that you're deriving any pleasure from it!
Unlock awesome achievements as you perfect the art of rampant, aggressive consumerism!
Keep an eye out for the random Black Friday stampedes! Points! Presents! A genuinely unsettling sense of panic!
It's 2015's hottest commercial-holiday-and-queue-based simulator, and it's jam packed-ish with new-ish features!

A PHONE! (Non-specific brand, not latest model)
WOOD-EFFECT flooring!
CROUCH mode!
And a few old features! All the bits from the first game that you loved/were too hard to fix/we forgot to update!

Generic HUMAN faces!
TOILETS! For him AND her!
CRASHES quite often!
Many MANY glitches!
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Im stuck in some alternate universe? If you go behind the counter at "GAME" and enter the door you enter a myserious Unknown talk show set. There is a portal and if you walk into it you will be sent into an alternate universe firing "happiness" all around. There is an achievement I discovered from the confusion. If you fire 50 happiness at the gifts running around you should receive it. I'm confused on how to leave. I tried jumping out the window and up came another achievement "you can't escape the mall". No matter where you go in the mall there are no people with the exception of a guy laying down on the ice rink (not sure if that's supposed to be there or not). Also, everything is blue wallpapered and computerized and the music is creepy techno space junk.
Sick game
I like game to and video them
I'm about to install this game so fingers crossed it works and it is good!! Hopefully it wont lag that much I heard its really crazy etc but hey! it will be fun xD
it always get stuck and not responding at 90 percent loading when I try to open the game and it says cannot find solution I hate this simulator 2 and for simulator 1 when you kick they dont send flying I hate those developers if they call this work then ı am queen elizabeth ı can fart out some codes and make this because this is not even working
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