Christmas Snap/Pairs Cards £1.60 del @ ELC (use code SAVANNAH)
Christmas Snap/Pairs Cards £1.60 del @ ELC (use code SAVANNAH)

Christmas Snap/Pairs Cards £1.60 del @ ELC (use code SAVANNAH)

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Thought these would make a nice adddition to a christmas eve box or as a stocking filler.
Christmas themed snap cards, perfect for a fun family game on Christmas afternoon. Christmas snap cards are a great way to enjoy the festive season with family and friends.

Shuffle the cards deal all the cards among the players. Players place their cards in a pile, face down in front of them. One by one, plaers turn up their cards (with the eldest player going first) and place it in the centre making a pile. When a turned up card matches the card immediatly beneath in on the centre pile 'SNAP' is called.

The player who calls 'SNAP' first takes the centre pile of cards and placed them face down under his/her pile. That player then resumes the game by laying a turned up card back in the centre. A player who uses up all of his/her cards is out of the game. The last player left in the game is the winner.

A simple game of snap is great fun for all the family and this set has a lovely festive theme, perfect for Christmas Day.

You can also use these cards for simple memory and matching games with younger members of the family.

Includes 48 cards.


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