Christmas sweets - 70% off at Sainsburys (minstrels.m&ms. Lindt and more)

Christmas sweets - 70% off at Sainsburys (minstrels.m&ms. Lindt and more)

Found 2nd Jan 2010Made hot 2nd Jan 2010
All Christmas sweets now 70% off at Sainsburys

Some offers include.
Minstrel, m&m, buttons, milk buttons, pastilles and other tubes 100g - 30p

Milka Santa - 30p
Lindt chocolates from 17p
Cadburys wishes 17p



good timing - Husband has just phoned to ask if i can get them some cheap 'stickies' for him and the guys at work :-)

You just beat me to it, just loaded the trolly up with several months supply. Best offer at ours (Hessle) was the Toblerone, White or Fruit & Nut was also 70% off, £1.07 for 400g, I've never seen those reduced that much before.

Watch out for the Mr Kiplings Festive Bakewells though, they say 70% off but claimed to be £2 beforehand, found that hard to believe.

Yard of Jaffa Cakes are included too. They're marked as originally £4.99 - despite being on huge units which say £3...

Either way. They're £1.49 now.

And tins of biscuits are 70% off too, Got a huge tin of sainsburys family biscuits for £2.29.

all sold out in mine yesterday

Still loads at our Sainsburys (Leamington Spa) but people were loading up there trolleys pretty fast!

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Still quite a bit left but its going very fast!
I expect most of it will be gone by the end of trade tomorrow

Don't forget the Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses 75% off too

Tamworth had couple of pallets of Smarties mixed and pink only, Fruit Pastilles, Rowntrees Pick and Mix, Milky Bar Buttons and Haribo Starmix.

Smarties are 170g tubes which is about 4 normal tubes worth, for 30p Works out cheaper than the ordinary 38g tube.

Feel sick after 1 tube only another dozen to go

Got a few bits today, Cadbury Snow Bites, Choc Oranges for 60p, didn't bother with any of the tubes, they looked tiny.

I don't know about anyone else but I am sick of the sight of chocolate and still have loads left over from Christmas.
Still voting this hot as it is a bargain regardless of my current distaste of all things chocolatey.

all the christmas decs, cards and crackers are now 70% off in store too...
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