Christmas Trees & Lights HALF Price @ B&Q

Christmas Trees & Lights HALF Price @ B&Q

Found 9th Dec 2009
Just visted our Local B&Q to see many Christmas Lights flying off the shelves at Half price! People were even requesting the display items (which you can get an extra 10% off - if you ask).
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Merchant's name in the title will be handy... added for you
am sure this has been posted - but if not this has been on offer for weeks now and I saved a fortune as normally they dont reduce to half price till much nearer christmas
i found that the half price offer was only on selected xmas products......
This offer has been on for a while and posted prev, bought mine 1/2 price few weeks ago. Not everything is included but some good reductions.
theyve cut alot more down in my local store then what was to start with a few weeks back just to get rid of it now as theyve not got much left
Pretty much nothing left in my local now.
Doesn't everywhere sell decorations half price? Isn't that just the game these days. have a couple of boxes out at full price in Novemeber at full price to fulfill the trading laws then as soon as December comes lure shoppers in with the half price signs?

Am I too cynical?

As far as I'm concerned the only real deals on lights are when you get to the 'half price plus an extra 30% off' type deals.

Sorry - not voting but don't believe this is a deal.
Pity they've not reduced the real trees:? Went last night £34.98 for a 6 foot tree:x:x Plenty left:p:p
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