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Posted 19 December 2022

Christmas Vegetables 30p (+10p back with Asda Rewards) - Including Carrots 1kg, Sprouts 500g, Parsnips 500g, Broccoli 360g @ Asda

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Decent deal, effectively 20p with Asda Rewards. Bit annoyed they made it so you have to use the app.







You get 10p in your Cashpot

Hope it helps someone
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    think asda might have a lot of there 30p veg still unsold come christmas eve, i certainly wont be faffing about with the rewards gimmick i will just go elsewhere.
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    Cold - other people are doing it cheaper without the faff of their rewards app.
    Tesco are doing it with a clubcard
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    Still cheaper at Tesco / Aldi / LIDL! but you can't complain at 20p so I'm adding heat!
    Yeah, 1p isn't too bad. Bit annoyed by the ASDA rewards app usage.
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    Cold , 19p at sainsburys and others
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    Can't be 'harrassed' to use Asda Rewards - what a complete waste of time.

    If you're listening, Asda Marketing people - you didn't get me to use the app, you got me to go to your competitors and their 19p straight deal Xmas veg, plus I guess I'll do the rest of my Xmas shopping in non-Asda stores as well.

    Issa Bros - sack the Marketing honcho who did this joke of a promotion, when all people want to do is save a bit of cash at Xmas on their veg, not faff around with apps and Asda Rewards nonsense, we'll get 10p back later blah blah blah baloney.
    ASDA rewards are still better than Morrisons rewards, I've managed to collect £7 in a short time, Morrisons give nothing these days, preferred collecting points for a £5, I avoid Morrisons these days. (edited)
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    every little helps, got £7 in my cashpot with very little effort but no incentive to spend lots of money just for a quid top-up on the other missions
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    19p in Sainsburys!
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    19p Lidl
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    It's important to note it isn't "effectively" 20p as you pay 30p this week to save 10p another week.

    With inflation the 10p is going to be weaker when you get round to spending it so bare that in mind if you don't exclusively shop at asda all the time to make use of the rewards (the smallest voucher you can claim is £1)
    And you need to have £1 in rewards before you can spend them.

    I mean I got £13 odd in rewards for a £50 shop the other day, £10 bonus and a few quid on a couple of joints of meat and tubs of chocs, but don't think I'd bother for 10p here and there. (edited)
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    2kg of spuds 15p in aldi.
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    19p for several veg items (each) at Tesco today
    You might have missed the same deal in Lidl, Aldi, Sainsburys, Morrisons?
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    Tesco have included broccoli in their 19p selection this year.
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