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Posted 19 December 2022

Christmas Vegetables 30p including Potatoes 2.5kg / Sprouts 500g / Carrots 1kg / Parsnips 500g @ Waitrose and Partners

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Yes its not 19p like Tesco etc but some great prices for good quality veg

Ess Potatos 2.5kg Was £1.19

Ess Parsnips 500g Was 75p

Ess Sprouts 500g Was £1.30

Ess Carrots 1kg Was 75p

Ess Loose Parsnips 61p/kg

Ess Carrots 29p/kg Was 65p/kg

Ess Loose Sprouts 59p/kg Was £2.40/kg

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    That’s fantastic to know. I do think their Brussels and carrots are nicer. Thank you for posting Merry Christmas x
  2. Avatar
    Good news for people who regularly shop at Waitrose.
    From the major supermarket it's just Asda left to announce price cuts for Christmas veg
    What are Asda waiting for..... Christmas
  3. Avatar
    30p for that big bag of potatoes is insane lol. I work there too so it would be even cheaper. I quite often buy them at full price. I'd buy these if I weren't visiting family over Christmas lol. I doubt I would use them before I leave. Great prices!
    Hi Liltman, there was a lady on TV recently (I thought she was released for the day) but she was right. Basically take your potatoes out of the plastic bag and wrap in a piece of cotton (old t shirt etc.) which you've dampened slightly. pop in salad crisper and they keep for weeks. I was and am still amazed by it.
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    Personally I don’t like the Waitrose nearest to me. Their staff smoke cigarettes near the entrance.
    Better than smoking in store whilst serving you
  5. Avatar
    Vegetables are for life, not just for Christmas 😁
  6. Avatar
    I wonder if a lot of the supermarkets will have piles of free veg for all to take after Christmas day like in previous years?
  7. Avatar
    Some great prices, will M&S be joining the price wars this year with their veg?
  8. Avatar
    19p at lidl and the spuds were the red ones which are one of the best for roasting
  9. Avatar
    My nearest waitrose is 30 miles away, looks like i'm stuck with aldi, lidl, tesco and asda.
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