Christmas wrapping paper only 16p for 2 metres at Asda

Christmas wrapping paper only 16p for 2 metres at Asda

Found 25th Nov 2008
Christmas wrapping paper only 16p for 2 metres. Nice design too. Can be found in large green floor standing boxes.
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Tesco Value 2m roll = 14p (I am sooooooooooooo cheap!!)
hot from me..I bought some on saturday for wrapping and the quality is really good.
Obviously not as brilliant as the expensive ones but it didnt tear on the corners of the presents so a job well done if you ask me..And considering it only gets chucked in the bin on xmas day why pay more..:thumbsup:
Wilkinson's also have 2m rolls for 14p!!!! Just be careful not to poke your finger through the wrapped pressies, as it is very thin paper!
The problem with this stuff is that you need to wrap everything twice otherwise you can see through it!
Rubbish paper, sorry but this is just awful at ripping all over the place, very thin and even when you try to wrap the present up carefully it rips in all corners. Better off spending a little bit more for better quality wrapping! Asda do thicker wrap for about 96p for 10m....jumbo wrap.
I broght this paper last year very thin and tears very easily id rather pay a few more pence and get a better quality
i got some good one from tesco 10 meters for 97 p cant fault it
I buy this, or the one from tesco, every year. It is very thin but if your careful it doesnt tear, and its gonna get get ripped open on xmas day anyway! x
Took a pic for the peeps wanting to see it, available in all asdas, mine was near the electrical lcd tv and attachments area....

i bought his yesterday and its decent for the price...

16p and 2 meters long voted HOT HOT HOT!!!


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