Christopher Ward Sale is ON!

Christopher Ward Sale is ON!

Found 24th Jun 2016
The Christopher Ward sale is starting - I just had the email link come through!

These always sell out really really quickly so if you want one now is the time. Discounts of up to 52% of some of his best watches. Be QUICK.
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Baffled! Too niche?
Gets heat from me, lovely watches at a good price in the sales

Baffled! Too niche?

Nope - too frequent I suspect. CWL are (almost) always having a sale, nearly-new sale or some form of voucher based offer.
The amount of sales they seem to have does cheapen the brand somewhat - and their new logo (they call it a logo, basically it is two lines of text!) is hideous! OK, I realise these ones still have the old text but that isn't great either. The watches are very good (sapphire crystal, nicely finished, ceramic bezels etc.) but the brand image needs some serious work - and to think, it has just been refreshed! A little too "boutique" for some and for others, like something out of a Sunday supplement.
why do they always sell out really really quick..?
I have a trident c60 pro. very nice watch up there with seamaster which I also own

Baffled! Too niche?

Maybe because of the "Does this tell the time better than my £15 Casio" brigade. Heated btw.
Christopher who?

I would rather spend another £2k and by the Omega version with the same innards...

Having said that, by today's price/standards a really good price for a proper tool watch with a ceramic bezel.
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