chrome 12" industrial fan was £34.99 now £15 @ woolworths
chrome 12" industrial fan  was £34.99 now £15 @ woolworths

chrome 12" industrial fan was £34.99 now £15 @ woolworths

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just thought about buying this for the heatwave we are experiencing lol


for those keen on this just to let you know i have one of these and wish i bought the plastic version as it is much much quieter! this is very loud and if you have wooden floors makes quite some vibration!

Is the metal one quiet on carpets?

why is it loud?


Is the metal one quiet on carpets?why is it loud?

because kinetic energy would be forced onto the stand and carpet is good for absorbing shock

or i think something along those lines.

they're have a 9" desk fan for around £5 on there as well

yes should be better on carpets but the metal spinning sound is loud (like putting a megaphone next to the fan in your computer)

Its really not much use unless you know the wattage. Larger ones running through an invertor are great when camping - as you can keep a strong enough draft to keep midges off you.

I have an 18 inch one.

I also have a fan. :-D

I have two like this. A 15" and a 20". They are extremely efficient at moving the air in a room. They definitely are much quieter on carpet. They can be a little noisy on top speed but that is rarely if ever needed.

They are best used as non-directional, ie. Swivel them to point towards the ceiling and the fan is powerful enough to circulate air in the entire room as gently or as strongly as you like with less irritating direct draughts..

I love them.

It doesn't state the wattage but the 12" fan is "normally" 60W

Ordered one cheers OP should look nice in my lounge

suitable for living room, but for a bedroom my gosh its loud , well i think it is anyways i use it in my bedroom and on the carpet its still pretty loud but it does do the job, push's air all around my room to cool the bedroom down
and this is a great
for £15 its bloody cheap

hot from me, wanted 1 for awhile but wasn't prepared 2 pay £35

Don't think we will be needing this this summer!!!!!!!

I have a couple of 18" versions of these which we bought from LIDL last summer for £19.99 each. They are absolutely brilliant, though I agree they would be noisy on bare floorboards. Hugely effective, though, and this is a good price.

One bonus - stand one at the far end of your hall (or wherever) and it will blow all the dust to the far end. Saves time on cleaning!
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