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2 months NOW TV Cinema Pass for £5 via Chromecast
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
2 months NOW TV Cinema Pass for £5 via Chromecast
Been a while since my Chromecast has given me a new offer but this one has appeared today (says Chromecast activated on or before 10/10/2017) Open to new and existing Now TV custo… Read more

Still working!.... was hunting for a decent movie pass offer, came across your post, and was delighted when it worked! (y) Thanks so much for posting you little star! x


This offer is still live/valid by the way :)


just fyi they seem to have fixed the issue in the app and no workaround required




No, they have not. I just listed two different error codes, why do you think they're the same problem? I can't copy and paste from the URL because it isn't generating the URL in the first place. I *program* websites, manipulating a URL and reading errors is not beyond me. Would you mind not talking down to me further before one of us ends up looking even more ridiculous. To the rest of the world: I didn't find a solution and the same thing happened in both Chrome and Chromium for Linux with no extensions, so there must be something screwy deep down. Didn't find a solution, I had to use Chrome on a different platform. Anyway, got it now. Thanks, I didn't think I'd get another Chromecast offer at this point.

Chrome extension "Keepa" - Amazon Price Checker - Free
Found 19th Jun 2017Found 19th Jun 2017
Chrome extension "Keepa" - Amazon Price Checker - Free
I think this is probably in the wrong place - hopefully, a mod will move it accordingly. Adds price history charts and the option to be alerted on price drops to all Amazon sit… Read more

this is the best app on playstore. Great find!


OP is a 'random person' too. The script is just a few lines of code making up a harmless js file. Just about every website on the internet loads up multiple js files when you visit them. The fact I linked directly to it whether the code was malicious of not would have done no harm. Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey are both Opensource so you know exactly what the extensions are doing unlike the one linked to by OP.


You are right, the tampermonkey extension in the comment you quoted is an extension that can read all your website but there is an alternative that does not: Personally, I live in the dark ages and avoid all these scripts (I like my browsing as fast as possible) and don't use online banking.


Isn't Tampermonkey an extension too? So still kinda installing an extension then yes? If you are really paranoid then just don't install anything and check the website manually. Though of course persistent cookies could be a problem for you, perhaps avoid the internet to keep yourself secure? Btw, I can see why some people might have concern in general over extensions, but we aren't talking about an extension with a dozen installs from some third party website or something. Both the Keepa and Camelizer extensions seem to have similarly high numbers of installs and are fairly recently updated. It is down to individual users if they trust individual extensions, but to me both of these look safe. And if you have any concerns, go on Incognito mode before doing anything secure such as online banking.


Oh my God, the js script is barely 16 lines of code, you can see exactly what it does! The extension on the other hand...

3 months free Netflix with Chromecast
Found 15th Dec 2016Found 15th Dec 2016
Worth checking the offers bit in the Google Home app if you have a Chromecast. Offer appears to be for Chromecasts activated between 6 December 2016 and 9 January 2017, however i… Read more
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Can anyone confirm this is still available? I have an unsubbed Chromecast that I'll sub if it is or return if not.


I got 2 months now TV for £1 instead when I checked :/


I've just managed to do this with an account that was cancelled a while back - just clicked the link for the code first then visited - I now have an account with 3 months viewing and no payment details attached. Score! EDIT:for the record doing this didn't seem to work on my phone but did on a pc


all I got was a free month. how do I see if I have credit on my account?


Thanks OP, this worked for me - signed up for the regular months free trial then it added £22.47 credit so that's near enough 5 months of free netflix (the £5.99 package). I have two Chromecast, both around 2 years old and strangely the Netflix offer only appeared once whereas all the other offers (£2 Sky cinema pass, 90 days Google Play music, 75% off Google play movie rental) say they are eligible to redeem on multiple devices.

Drumpfinator   Free @ Chrome
Found 3rd Mar 2016Found 3rd Mar 2016
Drumpfinator Free @ Chrome
Free app to transform any articles about that lunatic Trump in to his real name of Drumpf. The video in this article explains it so much better:… Read more
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Actually, it was in response to Trump's criticism of Jon Stewart, mocking his ancestry for the crime of assimilating: "If Jon Stewart is so above it all & legit, why did he change his name from Jonathan Leibowitz? He should be proud of his heritage! ... Jon Stewart is a total phony –he should cherish his past—not run from it." So, yeah.


Do you seriously expect the PC peabrains to understand anything they're not TOLD to believe by usual (self-serving, self-important) PC brigade ? Its actually hilarious how the PC morons are screaming NON STOP against Trump - but avoid actually saying WHY what he says on subject of being swamped by non-contributing threats from the muslim world is WRONG


Only 1/2 are Syrian and most of the arrivals are young men, only 13% are women. What happened to the families? They abandoned their women and elderly to ISIS & Assad?


What does that mean?


I have little respect for American's as is, the more press coverage this idiot gets the more unnerved I become about America.

Force Block Chrome extension. Blocks all Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers
Found 16th Dec 2015Found 16th Dec 2015
Force Block Chrome extension. Blocks all Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers
block Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers with Force Block Chrome extension.

Any way to get it to block EVERYTHING start wars related? Sick of the sight of it!


And only 42K likes in two days


So edgy I personally went on a blackout till Friday evening, my only website for 2 days was HUKD!


What spoilers?


I saw it on Thursday after work and still haven't said anything about it but 2 numpties on the train were discussing a vital bit on Friday morning very loudly. People like that should have their testicles removed with a blunt knife.

free 2 month now tv movie pass via Google Chromecast
Found 25th Oct 2015Found 25th Oct 2015
free 2 month now tv movie pass via Google Chromecast
if you have the Google chromcast app you can redeem a free now tv movie pass in the check offers.
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Thanks, been looking for an offer like this for ages. Also means when you cancel they try to offer it to you half price, £5 for movies is good too. heat added :{


If you have 2 chromecasts, can you redeem twice ?


You can cancel this offer immediately, it still allows you access for the two months but stops it auto-renewing at the end of the free trial.


Just got my two months free... thanks


Same offer. Doesn't hurt to let those that missed it though, but sadly if you've redeemed this a few weeks ago when first posted, you'll just be getting the disappointing "sorry, you've already redeemed..." message. Don't know why the chromecast doesn't remove or allow you to archive the offer once redeemed. Gets your hopes up every time you see it just to dash them.

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Now tv 3 months free entertainment package via Chromecast offers!
Found 12th Sep 2015Found 12th Sep 2015
Now tv 3 months free entertainment package via Chromecast offers!
Switch your Chromecast on. Use the Chromecast app to open your Chromecast. GOTO check for offers. On android platform its the 3 dots top right. You may have a choice of 3 offers. N… Read more
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Got it thanks. Just caught a cold and a week off work, this will keep me occupied for a bit.


Mine came up saying it had already been applied :(


Thanks for the info.


Why would anyone ever need to emulate it on a PC? Just play whatever you're trying to play directly. And Chromecast offers wouldn't work with an emulated device as it sends your device's serial number for verification before allowing you to redeem any of them.


Is it a case of remembering to cancel after the 3 months for the NowTV offer?

Free movie rental and other offers... from Google Play
Found 25th Jul 2015Found 25th Jul 2015
Free movie rental and other offers... from Google Play
Copied from Android Police... Do you have a Chromecast or an Android TV device? Then open up Chrome on your desktop, make sure that you've got the Chromecast extension installed, … Read more
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163,000 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes giving it 85% too. (_;) A bit too cerebral, slow paced and overly long for a minority though so one man's meat...etc


Only Google Play offer available now is "Get 90 days of unlimited music FREE from Google Play"




OP thanks worked for me had a free movie stacked already but once I purchased a movie got another free rental. you have 30 days to watch the rental.


It was awful. An epic space adventure ruined by overly sentimental melodrama. The bits on earth were excruciating

free 100 gb online in google drive even if claimed before for chrombooks
Found 25th Jun 2015Found 25th Jun 2015
free 100 gb online in google drive even if claimed before for chrombooks
free 100 gb online in google drive even if claimed before for chrombooks. check eligibility on the link "Sorry, only select Chrome OS devices are eligible for this promotion. " … Read more
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Worked for me - top spot :)


Same here.


Am not eligible but still vote thanks


I've tried that before and it doesnt work


Worked with my Toshiba Chromebook. Got the message "Victory! 100 GB of storage will be added to your Google Drive account within the next 10 minutes:" Many thanks

Chromecast free movie rental
Found 19th Jun 2015Found 19th Jun 2015
Chromecast free movie rental
Free movie rental Check your offers on your Chromecast and there will be a free movie rental.
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Check your Gmail inbox, ive just received an email giving me Night at the Museum free.


Such a great movie! Enjoy


bah, code already redeemed for me - must have been the last one a few weeks ago.


I don't use my Chromecast any more - useless thing never worked very well, just kept buffering. Tablet works fine from the same spot so it wasn't my wi-fi signal.


Only showing the offers mentioned before for me too. Free movie rental which I've used and also the free £5 credit for movie rentals, which is still sat in my account.

SMB/CIFS Extension for ChromeOS @ Chrome Web Store
Found 3rd Jun 2015Found 3rd Jun 2015
SMB/CIFS Extension for ChromeOS @ Chrome Web Store
Something that has been long overdue for ChromeOS.....SMB/CIFS support! Finally you can connect you Chromebook/box to your Windows/Linux host or NAS without having to use FTP or W… Read more

The hidden shares don't 'pop up' on my Netgear ReadyNAS... I'll have to investigate further.


Windows hidden shares are listed in the pop up when you choose a drive to mount


Hi, How did you do it?


Maps to hidden shares ($) on my 2012 R2 server fine.


Lots of updates to this recently. Dev is doing a good job. now has NTLM authentication so will map to shares on a Windows domain and also now supports multiple shares on the same host. Cracking work.

Google ARC Welder now Free to everyone - Run Android Apps on PC or Mac.
Found 6th Apr 2015Found 6th Apr 2015
Google ARC Welder now Free to everyone - Run Android Apps on PC or Mac.
Google’s ARC Welder allows users to run Android apps through Chrome browser on any OS A minor revolution in the apps world, Google’s new ARC Welder software allows users to run An… Read more
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Hi, can I ask if you have installed this on a PC or windows tablet. I'm trying to find something that will let me put showbox on a windows 8.1 tablet.


If you like I can upload the file to dropbox for you and inbox you the link.


It doesn't work, nothing happens, no download, nothing. Never mind, I'll just use my phone and tablet as normal.


Hitting the download link isn't supposed to show a page. It directs you to http:/hotukdealsremovedlink/getAndy which will initiate a Andy_Android_Emulator_v43_1.exe file download. Basically, check your downloads folder.


anyone know if this will work on a ps4 to so I can use showbox ?

Data Saver (Beta) extension for Google Chrome users. (Win/OS X/Linux/ChromeOS)
Found 26th Mar 2015Found 26th Mar 2015
Data Saver (Beta) extension for Google Chrome users. (Win/OS X/Linux/ChromeOS)
Google have released a beta version of their data saving software for their desktop browsers. Could be benefit for those that browse on limited connections or tethering to a PC/Mac… Read more

Been using opera browser thats had a similar feature for a year or two, reduces my 3g usage by 90% bit buggy though,dosn't load hotukdeals or sites with active menus correctly and injects ads into pages.


Very cool! thanx OP. Heat from me. :-)


Thanks for sharing

Chromecast Offers
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
Chromecast Offers
Found purely by chance last night, that my 2 Chromecasts both had offers attached to them. When I added an extension to my Chrome Browser, I was offered the following. - £15 Goo… Read more
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Great find well done, on browsing the content it's not a patch on Netflix but free is free. I will bin it off after 3 months without a shadow of a doubt, I thought it was basically net based multiroom but it's more like a scattering of shows from the main channels :-s


thank you for the comments, I am new to this and will get better. not bothered about the cold score, if a few of you found out useful then I am happy. I have found lots of good deals over Christmas and I wanted to give something back. happy new year!


Free money :D thanks op


There are always promotions linked with the purchase of a Cromecast, but it's nice to be reminded to check occasionally. Thanks for the post.


thanks for post

Brilliant version of Black Eyed Peas “Where Is The Love” (LEEX Remix) - 'Like' to Download FREE @ ChromeMusic
Found 25th Dec 2014Found 25th Dec 2014
After a good three months my favourite tropical producer is finally back with a a superb remix of”Where is the Love”. Remixing this Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake classi… Read more

Thank you for the links!


this really is pretty awful music . I suggest that you listen to it before downloading.




Direct Download Also, more good mix tracks from LEEX here... Axwell & Hook N Sling feat. Karin Park - Tokyo By Night (LEEX Bootleg).mp3 Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love (LEEX Remix).mp3 LEEX - Forever (Original Mix).mp3 LEEX - Memory (Original Mix).mp3 Mattafix - Big City Life (LEEX Remix).mp3 Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (LEEX Bootleg).mp3 Sigma - Nobody To Love (LEEX Bootleg).mp3 --Enjoy--

£15 credit to use on Google Play - Chromecast offer (When you purchase a Chromecast)
Found 7th Dec 2014Found 7th Dec 2014
£15 credit to use on Google Play - Chromecast offer (When you purchase a Chromecast)
Can't be bad £15 of free credit to use with your Chromecast the gift that keeps giving. Now what films to buy with it. Decisions Decisions. Thanks to lori440 This offer is vali… Read more
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Has this deal expired now? I keep finding links for this but when I click them, it just takes me to the homepage with no mention of the chromecast deal. Thanks


ended up getting mine after a few weeks, so cant grumble!!... nice one Google :)


When does the £15 credit expire?


Thanks op got 3months now tv. Superb freebie had mine for months it's great for the money

Free MS Microsoft Office with desktop icons (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Found 29th Oct 2014Found 29th Oct 2014
Free MS Microsoft Office with desktop icons (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Do you want Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your PC/Mac/Linux for free? Using Chome, download to get the Chrome App Launcher (you need th… Read more

You can pretty much use that line with anything you do on the internet...


your files may get hack ie end up sharing data with someone


Thanks a lot OP!


thanks all


Have you updated to latest version, and also signed in with a Microsoft account (e.g. Hotmail).

Chromecast for £10 when bought with TV Series (From £33.99) @
Found 28th May 2014Found 28th May 2014
Chromecast for £10 when bought with TV Series (From £33.99) @
Grab one of HBO boxsets and get a Chromecast for £10 when you buy either Game of Thrones Series 1, Sopranos Season 1 or True Detective Season 1. Game of Thrones + Chromecast = £33… Read more

I ordered mine on the 10th, it hadn't arrived by yesterday. I sent them a support email, they said give it 2 more days, then it arrived this morning. Now, if I was being cynical....


It's decision time me thinks... Chromecast for £15, or Android 4.2.2 Mini PC TV dongle for £30 Is a Chomecast really better than having Android on your TV?




Yep, still waiting here as well, just sent them a query as to where it is


Ordered mine on 22nd - still not been delivered. Anyone else still waiting?

Hide your IP, Secure your data on public WiFi (access Hulu, blocked torrents etc) with Zenmate
Found 11th Mar 2014Found 11th Mar 2014
Hide your IP, Secure your data on public WiFi (access Hulu, blocked torrents etc) with Zenmate
Free encrypted VPN with Zenmate - Access any website from anywhere - Encrypts all browser traffic for strong privacy - Forget location, workplace and school restrictions - Speeds … Read more

Also good for browsing KickassTorrents which is blocked by most ISP's.


Its great for bypassing Sky's filters too. But work has got wise to it and blocked it completely


hahaha seriously guys, you're worried about a freaking Google Chrome extension collecting info ??!!? Google collect everything you do already, if you're really worried about that kind of thing you're using the wrong browser to start with...


ZenMate doesn't store any of your data from my knowledge except maybe your email. From their site: 'ZenMate is not tracking any IPs. If we have to log something due to technical and/or usability reasons we do so after anonymizing the data. We are governed by very strict German data privacy laws, which are among the strictest in Europe. According to these laws we are not allowed to track any form of connection data.'


It doesn't store information about your online activity. Potentially this is true of any service, but if you want to be sure, this service is easy to use with another VPN, creating an encrypted proxy tunnel within a tunnel.

Streamus turns YouTube into the music player you always wanted for Chrome
Found 17th Nov 2013Found 17th Nov 2013
Streamus turns YouTube into the music player you always wanted for Chrome
Streamus turns YouTube into the music player you always wanted. Streamus makes streaming YouTube refreshingly easy. Simple, streaming music. That's why Streamus was created. Forg… Read more

Well, seems very good quality - but did a search for one thing and it played another. Glitches, of course Happy to add it. However, I can't seem to get a selection, it just plays something and doesn't give me a choice. And the volume....well, it's high.


Streamus - Stream Bar Preview Video