Chromecast Offers
Chromecast Offers

Chromecast Offers

Found purely by chance last night, that my 2 Chromecasts both had offers attached to them.

When I added an extension to my Chrome Browser, I was offered the following.

- £15 Google Play Store Voucher
- 3 months FREE NOW TV
- A free Film to watch
- 90 days of google music

As I had 2, I've claimed £30 in vouchers. And have subscribed using my tablet to NOW TV. Didn't have Sky, just use Free view and Shoebox.


So if you haven't checked already, I would see what you can get.

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what fun do you have with the shoebox

How did the offer get sent to you?

how did you see the offers??

help plz where are all the good deals on buying a Chromecast....having finally persuading OH to update our TV so I can enjoy the benefits of modern tech....there appear to be no gd deals!!

You need to put a price on the deal and put the seller in the header, this means very little to most people.
Look at how others are done....

Ta op


You need to put a price on the deal and put the seller in the header, … You need to put a price on the deal and put the seller in the header, this means very little to most people.Look at how others are done....

True, but as these are free offers anyway with the Chromecast, the price is nil.

To see the offers use the official Chromecast app on your tablet/phone, connect to a Chromecast, then tap the three dots on top right of screen and select Check for offers.

The £15 credit only applies to devices bought and registered in the past few weeks - for example, my one was bought the week they came out in the UK, so no credit offer. However, Now TV, Play Music, and the X-Men film are there.

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I was trying to point out that if he doesn't list his deals clearly then they will go cold regardless as this one is doing. If the price is zero it should be in the freebies. Just trying to help a newbie.

thanks, x men movie, 3 months now tv, 90 days music from play for me

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at least 1 person happy, that's a result for me!

whoop whoop

Not necessarily related to this thread but confused between chromecast and roku - what would you suggest? Ta

thanks for post

There are always promotions linked with the purchase of a Cromecast, but it's nice to be reminded to check occasionally. Thanks for the post.

Free money thanks op

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thank you for the comments, I am new to this and will get better. not bothered about the cold score, if a few of you found out useful then I am happy. I have found lots of good deals over Christmas and I wanted to give something back.

happy new year!

Great find well done, on browsing the content it's not a patch on Netflix but free is free. I will bin it off after 3 months without a shadow of a doubt, I thought it was basically net based multiroom but it's more like a scattering of shows from the main channels :-s
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