Chromeo - Night by Night (Free Download)
Chromeo - Night by Night (Free Download)

Chromeo - Night by Night (Free Download)

Linked from their official MySpace page so all is legit and legal. AWESOME - suggest you check out the video too

2 remixes available as well. Select which of the 3 you want and click DOWNLOAD. It downloads as a ZIP file. Enjoy.


Chromeo is Pee Thugg and Dave 1: best friends since their adolescence and virtuoso musicians. Pee and Dave met in 1993. I really didnt like him at first, Pee recalls, because I was with mostly hip hop kids and he was hanging out with the skaters and listening to rock and roll. But bonding over their shared love for funk, the two became inseparable. After spending the last couple of years in support of their triumphant Fancy Footwork album, Chromeo teamed up with Green Label Sound to offer a sneak peak of their upcoming musical odyssey, and their first original song since 2007: the heroic, guitar-laded, disco masterpiece Night by Night.

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Thanks! Chromeo are fantastic.
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