Chronicle - Bill Manager [iOS] free @ iTunes

Chronicle - Bill Manager [iOS] free @ iTunes

Posted 6th Dec 2018
The easiest, fastest bill manager in the App Store. A universal app for
iPhone & iPad, with multitasking on iPad. iCloud sync works across
all iOS devices plus Mac with the available Mac version.

If you pay bills, you need Chronicle.

Here's why: A single late payment can cost you $30 or more and cause your credit score to plummet by up to 100 points.

Chronicle reminds you to pay your bills, so you can just enter them, and forget about them.

Plus, Chronicle syncs with the available Mac version via iCloud, so you can view and pay your bills everywhere.

addition to reminding you to pay your bills, Chronicle keeps track of
all your payment history, including confirmation numbers, so you always
have proof of payments.

New to Chronicle is the Pro version.
Available as an in-app purchase, Chronicle Pro gives you access to all
new features of Chronicle as they are updated.

Currently available features in Chronicle Pro:

Forecast View: See the future—see what will be due every month for a year in advance.

to Save: Stop bills from sneaking up on you. Many bills don’t repeat
every month: for these bills, Chronicle will calculate how much you need
to set aside each month so that you have enough to pay it when it comes
due. For example, you may have an auto insurance bill of $500 that is
due every 6 months. Chronicle will calculate that you need to set aside
$83.33 each month in order to have enough to pay the bill each time it
is due.

Intelligent Estimated Amount Due: Helps you know how much
will be due for bills that vary. Using the type of bill, your payment
history, and the time of year, Chronicle will intelligently calculate an
estimate of how much is due. For example, Chronicle will be able to
learn if your electric bills are higher or lower in the winter, and
estimate accordingly.
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Just want I needs on payday and free too
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Direct debit or standing orders or pay any bills once you receive them if don't want DD or SO why need reminder?
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