Chronicles of Riddick PS3 just £6 @ CEX

Chronicles of Riddick PS3 just £6 @ CEX

Found 15th Jun 2010
What a fantastic price for this double game package. I put my hands up, I was not a Riddick fan nor did I like the demo of this game after playing it, but ended up getting it on the recommendation of a friend, and what a great recommendation it was.

Basically you get the revamped version of the superb Escape From Butcher Bay and it's sequal Assault On Dark Athena, all on one disc. I spent around 20 hours on the first and around 12 to 15 hours on the sequal. It's a Large mix of RPG, stealth tactics, and a bit of FPS thrown in. The voice talent is excellent particularly in AODA.

TWO brilliant games at a great price.


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I should just add for anyone notin the know, that CEX sell preowned items but whenever you buy from them if you use the store just ask them to show you the discs, that way you can be sure you pick a lovely shiney scratch free disc and manual. Just another note, with this being a Blu ray disc, the chances of you getting a scratched one are small due to there scratch resistant coating. Enjoy!

2 games for £6 is always good


just try and get your order from CEX...

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As said though matey, rather than buy online, go instore and get it. There's loads across the UK

ive bought like 8 games from cex online for 3 pounds each...condemed 2...dark sector....stranglehold...mirrors edge...beowulf...slub...and some other ones....
NEVER had any problems...very fast that shop
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