Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park Playset - £15 @ smyths

Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park Playset - £15 @ smyths

Found 21st Aug 2016
Found online and instore at Smyths toys usually £35 now £15

Includes: Chubby Puppy and a dog house
The Ultimate Dog Park Playset has a puppy powered lift that takes Chubby Puppies to the top of a slide
Put your exclusive Pomeranian Chubby Puppy on the swing, or watch her get dizzy on the dog bowl merry-go-round
Batteries required: 1 x AAA (included)

Chubby Puppies are the stumbling, fumbling, tumbling cuteness you’ll fall for! Join the fun with the Ultimate Dog Park. These pups roll around, waddle, and chase one another through the park. The Ultimate Dog Park comes with an exclusive Pomeranian Chubby Puppy and a dog house. Watch them waddle and ride the puppy powered lift to take a fun filled trip down the slide. Put your Puppy on the swing and give them a push, or watch them get dizzy on the dog bowl merry- go- round. Collect and connect the Seesaw,
Tunnel and Pole Course Playsets (sold separately) for even more ways to play!
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Chubby Puppies? Tee hee hee..........

same price at amazon
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Ye I saw it on amazon but I haven't got prime so would have to pay delivery when we have a smyths close.
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